Does Your Major Really Matter?

By Valerie Yrigolla on 02/03/2015

It was getting late one evening and my phone vibrated with a text from my little brother.  He’s currently a senior in high school and had just received an acceptance letter from his university of choice!  The message read:  “What major should I choose, Business Administration or Business Management?” With my experience as a corporate recruiter, it makes sense that he would come to me for guidance, but my response most likely wasn’t what he expected.

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Developing Your Personal Brand

By Lee Leonhart on 01/20/2015

In my opinion, “personal branding” can be defined as the discipline of creating and executing an image or perception about you in the minds of others, leading to a distinctive and memorable impression. It is the self-packaging of all of your strengths, knowledge, appearance, values and style. Developing and being obsessively protective about your personal brand is critical for meeting individual goals and career objectives. The damage done by not showing up well can haunt you! The saying that you are only as good as your last meeting, project and/or deliverable rings true at many companies.

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Turn a Dream Internship into a Dream Career

By Shannon Grimes on 07/15/2014

At many employers across the country, June marks the arrival of summer interns. At Schwab, our interns started last month and I can feel the buzz of excitement in the air as these students from diverse backgrounds, locations, and majors meet each other for the first time.

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How to Not Land the Job of Your Dreams

By on 05/20/2014

While brainstorming what topic to tackle next, I thought of a recent interaction with a prospective candidate at a networking event. The candidate had a great resume, but as our conversation developed he did and said a few things that caused me to think, "l'm not sure this person is a great fit for Schwab." Fortunately, I had the opportunity to provide direct feedback right then and there, which I hope the candidate implemented during his next conversation with a recruiter.

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Getting a Job Using LinkedIn

By Shannon Grimes on 04/22/2014

In my recent blog Snag Your Dream Job: Searching for “The One” I covered how leveraging your connections – both real and virtual – needs to be a key piece of any career search strategy.   There are many ways to do this, but in the recruiting world, LinkedIn is king. The site was launched in May of 2003 and with its 11th birthday on the horizon, membership continues to climb with 277 million users displaying their professional profiles. So can you really get a job using LinkedIn? Can you make it easy for recruiters to find you among those millions of users? Are they even looking?

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A Dream Job Rejection Letter Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

By Shannon Grimes on 03/17/2014

In my last blog Snag Your Dream Job: Searching for “The One” I shared my top techniques for finding your career soul mate. Now, picture this: you find “the One”, apply, nail the interview, and are waiting for a call back, positive that you have met your match.  And then it arrives:

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Searching for “The One”

By Shannon Grimes on 02/18/2014

 Whether you’re seeking your soul mate or trying to snag your dream job, a targeted search strategy is essential to uncovering the best match for you.  Here are some tips on how to search for that special job that is “The One:”

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How to Snag Your Dream Summer Internships

By Shannon Grimes on 01/21/2014

The New Year is here; the ball has dropped, the champagne has run dry. Hello 2014! Professionals and students alike are back in the swing of their weekly routines. If you are a college student in search of a summer internship, it’s important to get your head back in the game quickly – intern recruitment season kicks off with the start of the spring semester (so NOW!) and a strategic plan of attack is key if you want to snag the internship of your dreams.

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Is My Resume In a Black Hole?

By Shannon Grimes on 01/08/2014

I love hearing job applicants’ theories about what happens once they submit resumes to an applicant tracking system, the program most companies use to manage candidate information.  One of my favorites involves evil robots scanning resumes and destroying with their laser beam eyes any resumes submitted that are not a perfect match.

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Want to Ace the Interview? Be a Know-It-All

By Shannon Grimes on 11/21/2013

The phone rings and finally you hear those words you’ve been waiting for, “Your resume looks great. We’d like to interview you.”  You got your foot in the door, nice work! But now how do you really shine? To impress the recruiter and hiring manager, you need to prepare, prepare, prepare.

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