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Why every teen needs financial literacy.

Welcome to Moneywise America™, financial literacy and money management for teens.

When it comes to learning vital money skills, the earlier, the better. But far too many young people reach adulthood without the financial literacy needed to succeed. We’re here to help change that.

In communities from coast to coast, Schwab employees are inspiring and teaching teens to be moneywise. We’re seeing firsthand how a lesson in budgeting, or saving for college, can propel students on to achieve their dreams.


Less than 10% of students in low-income schools have guaranteed access to financial education.

- Next Gen Personal Finance


Financial success training for the next generation.

When students learn personal finance in high school, they’re typically able to quickly use this new knowledge in the real world.* And for a teen on the verge of independence, that can help lead to financial security.

Since 2003, Charles Schwab Foundation has helped over a million young people become moneywise. And now, Schwab employees are joining forces with nonprofits and schools to reach millions more—many in under-resourced communities with little access to financial education.

Led by trained Schwab employee volunteers.

Our employee volunteer corps is made up of skilled Schwab employees who are trained to connect with teens. Learning money lessons in context of the real world gives students clear and simple ways to save, budget, use credit wisely, and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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  • Explain

    Find out how financial literacy can help you create lifelong financial security.

  • Engage

    Get inspired and discover tangible ways to take action and take control.

  • Encourage

    Learn from experience and gain vital money skills to achieve your best life.



Customizable, standards-based curriculum.

Created in partnership with expert educators, the Moneywise America curriculum meets core educational standards and is:

  • Modular20+ engaging lessons cover a wide range of key financial concepts to suit any student’s needs.
  • FlexibleCan be used to supplement existing financial literacy materials or fill in the gaps for organizations without their own curriculum.
  • Fun and engagingBecause engaged students are more likely to grasp and remember vital financial concepts.


Here are just a few of the many sessions available to teens:

  • Set Money Goals

    All about budgeting, saving and spending.

  • Build Credit & Debt Skills

    How to build good habits and avoid pitfalls.

  • Plan for the Future

    Teen boy with glasses giving thumbs up

    Intro to college, continuing education and career.

It’s amazing what teens can do when someone has their back.

Everyone deserves a fair shot at financial freedom and security. More than managing money, it’s about creating equal opportunity—giving every teen a chance at their best life, whether that’s having a great career, building wealth for a secure future, or giving back to our communities.

Together, we can help teens achieve their hopes and dreams, and level the economic playing field for generations to come.