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In 1973, Chuck challenged Wall Street and brought investing to Main Street. Today, we continue to advocate for our clients, give back to our local communities, and lead our industry forward. Main Street Stories is where we showcase our people, our culture and our mission.

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  • Industry | Military

    Standing Ready to Serve

    Schwab is helping military members, American veterans and their families build secure financial futures. CEO Walt Bettinger and members of Schwab’s USAA integration team discuss the recent acquisition.

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  • Culture

    Everybody WINS when women are empowered

    A woman listening to another woman speak.

    Schwab’s Women’s Interactive Network (WINS) is an employee resource group dedicated to helping women in their careers. Joe Vietri and Mary Rosai, executive sponsors of the WINS program, talk about what drives their involvement.

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  • Culture

    Celebrating Schwab moms doing it all this Mother’s Day

    Mosaic of moms who work at Schwab.

    Even though this Mother’s Day might feel a little different, we want to say thanks to all of the moms who do it all. Here are some of our favorite Schwab moms and their sweet families.

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In the Industry

Chuck built his career, and our company, around a principle of abiding optimism and that persistence toward a better outcome always wins the day.

In the latest TV spot from Charles Schwab & Co., Chuck Schwab, our founder shares his perspective on the current crisis, by recalling previous crises endured and overcome by his generation.

Chuck Schwab shares his perspective on the current crisis.

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Chuck speaking:

I was born in ’37 so it was a very struggling period of time.


On screen:      Charles Schwab

                        Founder, Charles Schwab and Co


That’s the nature of Wall Street. Up and down. Depression to exuberance. Depression to exuberance.

And you could name many, many cycles like that over the years.

My generation, having come through so many wars and so many things…

Polio was really a big problem. A disease that didn’t have a solution.

But we persisted and finally came up with the Salk vaccine.

Persistence. It’s the heartbeat of this country.

Stick with it.


On screen:      We remain invested in optimism.

                        We remain invested in investors.

                        We remain invested in you.


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Additional Stories

  • Industry

    Lean on me (virtually): Advisors navigating a pivotal time together

    Woman drinking coffee

    RIA firm leaders from 20 states convened for Schwab Advisor Services'(TM) 2020 Executive Leadership Program (ELP) but quickly found themselves in an unprecedented situation with chaos in the markets and a pandemic spreading. A few leaders share some of their key strategies for helping employees and serving clients during a time of crisis.

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  • Industry

    Financial learning can start at home, especially now

    A mother and her children doing activities.

    Learning how to manage money and handle credit, as well as the importance of saving and investing, can be empowering and even life-changing for young people.

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  • Industry

    Keeping your data safe in times of crisis

    A key part of preparing for crises means being aware of schemes and tactics fraudsters use to steal personal data. Schwab provides a few helpful tips.

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Our Culture

Schwab offers employees many opportunities to get involved with local organizations through employee resource groups or through the company's annual Volunteer Week event.

In high school, Kenneth Stable was introduced to Boys Hope Girls Hope Colorado, an organization that provides opportunities to excel for children from disadvantaged environments. Now, as a Schwab employee, he gives back to the organization that has done so much for him.

Kenneth Stable, my Schwab story

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My family, since as far back as I can go have always been in a cycle of poverty. 

There were times that we would be staying in shelters, several shelters across Colorado.

I’ve lived in at least eight states, and then I’ve gone to about 17 different schools.

But I graduated high school from Regis Jesuit High School, and then I went to graduate from Creighton University in 2009.

When I was in high school, I was actually introduced to Regis through a program called Boys Hope Girls Hope Colorado. And it’s an organization that’s for children who come from a disadvantaged environment and gives them an opportunity to excel in a more stable environment.

So I’m currently on the Board of Directors for Boys Hope Girls Hope Colorado. I also serve on the Board of Trustees for Regis Jesuit High School. 

When I was in the program, it was always my goal that eventually I would on the board for both Regis and Boys Hope Girls Hope. Because they’ve done so much for me, I wanted to have the opportunity to give back to them, as well, not just the organization, but, more importantly, students like myself who came through the program.

I’m a Senior Specialist with our Partner Support Group at Charles Schwab. Our role is primarily to support the branches. I love the culture here, and I love that we have so many opportunities here to get involved in the organization, whether it’s through our ERGs or Play Resource groups, or do Volunteer Week, and, more importantly, I love that the clients love us. They really feel that we are trustworthy, that we are loyal, and that we’re there for them.

We do put the client first, and that’s very important to me.



Additional Stories

  • Culture, Community

    Meeting the challenge of our new reality

    Schwabbies in a virtual meeting.

    Seeing the world through clients’ eyes is our long-time promise, and that has not changed even in the face of these unprecedented events.  But we also know that without our employees – our “Schwabbies” – we simply cannot fulfill that promise.

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  • Culture, Community

    Supporting our communities in extraordinary times

    All across our country and around the globe, people continue to grapple with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic but it’s heartwarming and encouraging to see people stepping up to meet this challenge in heroic and historic ways. 

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  • Industry

    Meet Tom Bradley: Bringing his Texas-sized experience to small advisors

    Tom Bradley, Senior Vice President, Schwab Advisor Services

    Tom Bradley’s well-known, well-connected, and much-beloved in the industry, with a career that included leadership roles at TD Ameritrade. As he settles into his new role at Schwab, Tom shares a bit about himself and his vision for what's ahead.

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  • Culture | Women's History Month

    Meet the Internationals: Two women helping Schwab clients around the globe

    Group of Schwab employees.

    In recognition of International Women’s Day, we spoke to Katie and Monica, two Schwabbies working internationally. Their stories are different, but they have one thing in common: their passion for serving Schwab’s International clients.

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  • Viewpoints | Women's History Month

    Learning not to see the obstacles

    Katie and a few Schwab employees.

    Schwab executive Katie Casey shares her perspective on leadership and offers advice for aspiring leaders.

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  • Industry, Viewpoints

    Wealth management trends: Advice, fee transparency & automatic 401(k)s

    Couple looking over their finances.

    With a new year and new decade off and running, we asked leaders at Schwab to offer their perspectives on the most significant changes in the past 10 years and their impacts on investors.

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  • Innovation, Industry

    A mobile assistant puts investing help in the palm of your hand

    Man looking at his phone.

    Schwab set out to earn a place on the home screens of our clients’ phones by making the mobile investing process as easy as possible. With the launch of Schwab Assistant – an artificial intelligence-powered assistant, clients can use their own voice or text to easily find information and complete tasks through the mobile app.

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  • Innovation, Industry

    Artificial intelligence for real solutions

    Man having a discussion on the phone

    Automated phone-based voice assistant technology has come a long way since Apple1 first introduced Siri® in 2011. Now, Schwab Advisor Services is putting the best voice technology to task to enhance its service for independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA).

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  • Innovation, Industry, Viewpoints

    Wealth management trends: Falling fees and Subscription-pricing

    With a new year and new decade off and running, we asked leaders at Schwab to offer their perspectives on the most significant changes in the past 10 years and their impacts on investors.

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