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In 1973, Chuck challenged Wall Street and brought investing to Main Street. Today, we continue to advocate for our clients, give back to our local communities, and lead our industry forward. Main Street Stories is where we showcase our people, our culture and our mission.

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  • Innovation, Industry

    Artificial intelligence for real solutions

    Man having a discussion on the phone

    Automated phone-based voice assistant technology has come a long way since Apple1 first introduced Siri® in 2011. Now, Schwab Advisor Services is putting the best voice technology to task to enhance its service for independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA).

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  • Innovation, Industry, Viewpoints

    Wealth management trends: Neesha Hathi & Peter Crawford

    Man looking at his phone.

    With a new year and new decade off and running, we asked leaders at Schwab to offer their perspectives on the most significant changes in the past 10 years and their impacts on investors.

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    Clients first in all ways

    Walt Bettinger, President and CEO

    The Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) ecosystem continues to grow aggressively. At the same time, the industry is navigating a period of great change: new entrants, new ways of serving, and new name combinations. Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger provides perspective on what's not changing.

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Our Culture

Schwab offers employees many opportunities to get involved with local organizations through employee resource groups or through the company's annual Volunteer Week event.

In high school, Kenneth Stable was introduced to Boys Hope Girls Hope Colorado, an organization that provides opportunities to excel for children from disadvantaged environments. Now, as a Schwab employee, he gives back to the organization that has done so much for him.

Kenneth Stable, my Schwab story

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My family, since as far back as I can go have always been in a cycle of poverty. 

There were times that we would be staying in shelters, several shelters across Colorado.

I’ve lived in at least eight states, and then I’ve gone to about 17 different schools.

But I graduated high school from Regis Jesuit High School, and then I went to graduate from Creighton University in 2009.

When I was in high school, I was actually introduced to Regis through a program called Boys Hope Girls Hope Colorado. And it’s an organization that’s for children who come from a disadvantaged environment and gives them an opportunity to excel in a more stable environment.

So I’m currently on the Board of Directors for Boys Hope Girls Hope Colorado. I also serve on the Board of Trustees for Regis Jesuit High School. 

When I was in the program, it was always my goal that eventually I would on the board for both Regis and Boys Hope Girls Hope. Because they’ve done so much for me, I wanted to have the opportunity to give back to them, as well, not just the organization, but, more importantly, students like myself who came through the program.

I’m a Senior Specialist with our Partner Support Group at Charles Schwab. Our role is primarily to support the branches. I love the culture here, and I love that we have so many opportunities here to get involved in the organization, whether it’s through our ERGs or Play Resource groups, or do Volunteer Week, and, more importantly, I love that the clients love us. They really feel that we are trustworthy, that we are loyal, and that we’re there for them.

We do put the client first, and that’s very important to me.



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  • Industry

    Cutting through the speculation

    Joe Martinetto, Senior Executive Vice President And Chief Operating Officer, Charles Schwab

    Schwab executive Joe Martinetto provides a little insight on the integration of Schwab and TD Ameritrade pending regulatory and stockholder approvals.

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  • Community

    Through mentorship, teenagers thrive in Money Matters and much more

    San Francisco Citywide Youth of the Year: Kionna F

    For many young people, the Boys & Girls Clubs have provided invaluable mentorship and guidance, creating new leaders in communities where they are often desperately needed.

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  • Industry

    Keeping pace with advisors means changes for custodians

    High net worth clients have more complex and diverse wealth management needs than ever before. This has translated into more sophistication, more complexity and increased specialization for RIAs, who now have firms as diverse as the clients they serve. 

    Advisors need more and that’s exactly what we’re going to give them.

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Pro Bono Challenge

In the Community

Pro Bono Challenge benefits not only the local organizations that are involved, but Schwab employees and their communities

The Pro Bono Challenge is one of the largest annual skills-based days of service connecting employees with nonprofits to help them address strategic questions related to expansion, branding, operations, IT and more.

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Most people want to see the world change for the better, and the nonprofits that come to the Schwab Pro Bono Challenge, they’re actually doing it. They’re changing the world by changing their own neighborhoods, their own streets, their own backyards.

Across the country, city by city, we’re working with nonprofits to help them overcome the most pressing challenges in their communities, whether it’s hunger in Dallas or shelter in Orlando. We’re sharing our expertise to strengthen nonprofits, and the positive impact they have on our communities and the people they serve.

Here, in San Francisco, that means working with our local nonprofits to help them fight homelessness.

Welcome, everybody.  This is our fifth year of doing the Pro Bono Challenge.

Today, we have 48 Schwab employees working with eight nonprofits.

We have data analysts, strategists, user experience and marketing experts.

We had more people sign up for the challenge than the room can actually hold.

We decided to work with Schwab employees not just because they have incredible financial expertise that will benefit our organization, but also because they’ve shown that they’re passionate about our work.

The team we have is fantastic, they’re analytical, and they are relationship managers.

So my team already feels very supported in the analysis that they’ve done.

Today, I hope that our nonprofit partners will walk away with really tangible things that they can do implement against to help them achieve their missions.

This is one of the of the ways that we can help and be able to take care of things that are in need in the neighborhood and in the streets, block by block, person by person.

These issues are nationwide issues, and so it’s encouraging to know that there are folks who are doing such good work to address it all across the country.

I truly believe that with focused attention and intention anything is possible.

This is how you change the world… city by city, block by block.  73 nonprofits, 450 Schwab employees working together nationwide to improve our communities, block by block.




Additional Stories

  • Industry

    We started small. But our idea was big

    How Schwab Advisor Services went all in to help advisors grow, and build an industry.

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  • Innovation, Industry

    So you think I should invest? Teach me how!


    Schwab’s “How to Invest” feature helps investors learn how to take charge of their financial futures.

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  • Innovation

    Building solutions to meet more needs

    Schwab executive Jonathan Craig talks about how clients need to start to live off their hard-earned money BUT they also need flexibility to change, start or stop their paycheck as their life situations change. With the launch of Schwab Intelligent Income, Schwab is bringing that simple idea to life with a sensible and practical solution for our clients.

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  • Culture

    Creating a life of purpose and commitment

    Kimberly Clark has always pushed herself to try new things while creating a life of purpose and commitment. At the root of it all has been one guiding force: Curiosity.

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  • Culture, Innovation

    Meet Cynthia Loh: a runner who’s found her stride

    Cynthia writing on the wall.

    Cynthia Loh has spent the bulk of her career in the financial sector working in investment banking, asset management, and a fintech start-up, and she even spent a stretch working in Shanghai and Hong Kong. But it’s Schwab where Cynthia says she’s found a home.  

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  • Viewpoints, Industry


    Jonathan Craig, Chuck Schwab and Greg Gable in a discussion while walking.

    Chuck’s memoir Invested has arrived. People often ask me what Chuck is like. Demanding. Competitive. Authentic. Patriotic. Humble. Deeply involved. And completely committed to helping individual investors. Let me explain.

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  • Community

    Colleagues rally to support communities

    A Schwab volunteer helping a PBC client.

    What do you get when you bring together 73 nonprofit organizations and more than 450 Charles Schwab employees across nine cities nationwide, all collaborating to make a difference in their communities? Philanthropic magic!

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  • Culture

    Veterans find next mission in serving clients

    Meet Our Veterans

    As a recognized veteran-friendly employer, Charles Schwab is fortunate to have employees who have spent time in the armed forces working for the firm.

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  • Community

    Bringing smiles to courageous kids

    A father comforting his child.

    In honor of her daughter Gabby, who passed away in 2004, Tammy Krause created The Gabby Krause Foundation, whose mission is to provide 'Bags of Fun' to all children fighting a serious illness. In 2019, more than 500 children in the Denver area received their own 'Bag of Fun' from the foundation.

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