Our people are our secret sauce

United by a common purpose—to champion every client's goals with passion and integrity—our employees are committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives and in our communities. The Schwab culture prioritizes putting the client at the center of everything we do.

Close-up of Schwab employees

Not too long ago, the average person didn't always feel welcome in the world of investing.

It was expensive. It wasn't always clear who benefitted most from a recommendation, the broker or the client.

And a regular person actually controlling their own financial destiny?

That would have seemed groundbreaking.

Then Chuck started this firm. Our firm.

Based on a simple question, "isn't there a better way?"

There is.

Schwab was built around a simple idea: put the client first.

Lots of companies say that, but we work to keep clients at the heart of everything we do.

By offering a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth.

We believe investors deserve nothing less.

It means, taking a more human approach in financial services.

Treating clients the way they expect to be treated.

We always try to look at the world through our clients' eyes.

We believe our business should be about service, not sales.

Service is the heart of who we are.

It means offering a more intelligent way to invest.

Making sure clients have a variety of sound options that combine the best of what people and technology have to offer.

By using both technology and people we help make investing easier and more accessible for people who live closer to Main Street than Wall Street.

It also means offering access to high quality products, services, and insights— all for very low costs.

After all, costs matter— a lot. That's why we offer some of the lowest cost products in the industry.

Our entire business is rooted in a strong belief,

That investing has the power to transform lives.,

And that everyone deserves a partner that will champion their goals with passion and integrity.

Looking ahead, we're confident we offer a better way to invest.

One that is more human, more intelligent and lower cost.

That's what modern means to us.

For those of us who work here, this isn't just business, . it's It's our passion, our purpose.

We show up every day to help people.

Help them turn their questions into answers.,

Engagement into action.,

And opportunity into ownership.

That's the Schwab way.

And that's what we mean when we say.:

Ask questions.

Be engaged.

And own your tomorrow.

Service is the heart of who we are

We always try to look at the world and operate our company through our clients’ eyes—because we believe service, not sales, is the key to our success. Our values are a way of doing business. That means we always strive to:

  • Earn our clients' trust by treating them in an ethical, empathetic, and proactive way.
  • Constantly improve the client experience through innovation that benefits clients.
  • Respect fellow employees and reinforce the power of teamwork.
  • Be good stewards of our brand and stockholder value.


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Ignite your career

At Schwab, you are part of a team that succeeds through integrity and service, doing work that matters because it makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve and in the communities where we live. We thrive as a unified team in an inclusive, collaborative, and positive environment where trust is everything and everyone is encouraged to challenge the status quo on behalf of our clients. Our belief that operating our business Through Clients’ Eyes is the only path to long-term success means not only that you can be proud to work at Schwab, but also build a diverse and lasting career doing work that matters.

Experience what it’s like to be a part of a team that wins together—join us on our mission to help everyone own their future.

Workplace and Employer Awards

Workplace and employer awards

Awarded to Schwab for our workplace culture, where everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

  • Forbes 2023 The Best Employers For Women award badge

    2023 Best Employers for Women

  • 2023 America’s Best Large Employers Recognition

  • 2023 DEI Award

    Schwab scored 100 on the 2023 Disability Equality Index.

What our employees say:

What our employees say:

  • "One of the reasons I chose Schwab was to continue to get better and to be able to help people. I didn't know anything about the stock market—zero—and I never imagined I'd be teaching others financial literacy."

    Monica Vazquez standing outside and smiling for a selfie

    Monica Vazquez

    Miami, FL

  • “I found a community that encouraged me to ask questions and picked me up after I failed. I obtained the technical skills I needed with my team and gained the confidence I needed most through the NERD community.”

    Luke Ewan

    Austin, TX

  • "My current role at Schwab brings all my experiences together. Schwab in general has a very collaborative, cross-functional corporate culture. Every colleague comes to the table with a different perspective."

    Photo of Schwab's Divya Krishnan

    Divya Krishnan

    New York, NY

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