Corporate Citizenship at Schwab

Corporate citizenship at Schwab

Our vision is to be the most trusted leader in investment services

To achieve this long-term vision, we know we must meet the high expectations that our employees, clients, stockholders, and the public have of us. We do this not only through the services we provide, but also by seeking to bring our purpose and values to life, conducting our business with integrity, and actively engaging with the many stakeholder groups that help drive our ongoing success. As a responsible organization, we seek to operate in ways that advance individuals and economies, investing in programs across several key areas:



Investing has the power to transform people's lives

By doing what we do, we help people build wealth. Wealth creation helps individuals and families achieve their potential. It turns aspiration into reality. It lets people control their future and improve prospects for future generations.

Investing also has positive impacts beyond individuals. When people invest, it helps businesses grow and economies expand. This helps provide for more jobs and better incomes. Those enhance the ability for communities to invest in services and infrastructure, which boosts the well-being of citizens. Investing is part of how communities and economies thrive, and society benefits as a result.

Building wealth is not just for the wealthy. By doing what we do the way we do it—making investing more widely accessible, breaking down barriers like high costs and complexity, improving efficiency—we believe we create the opportunity for more people to access the tools to build wealth and achieve better outcomes in the future.

Our responsibility as a corporate citizen goes beyond the value we provide by serving clients, so we conduct our business in ways that make a positive impact on our employees and the communities where we live and work.