Stories of working at Schwab

Finding space to serve clients and community starts with inner peace

How financial consultant Doreen Huang turned what she learned in a Himalayan ashram into a passion for serving her community in many ways.

The legend of Zep and forty years a trader

How Kevin Siemiawski brings his experience from the OG trading pit to Schwab clients as a trade rep.

Sharing culture can be as simple as sharing a meal

How Oscar Castaneda has used his cultural connection to food to build a community at Schwab.

Career advice to next gen talent

Rick Wurster, President of Charles Schwab, shares leadership lessons he’s learned over the course of his career.

The importance of mentorship, allyship and sponsorship

Shanelle Davis talks about her career as a woman in finance, and how empathetic allies and supportive mentors have been integral to her success.

When HR goes VR

What we learned from using Roblox to build relationships and connect with new talent.

A passion for human-first design

Divya Krishnan, Schwab’s director of offer management and strategy, is helping move fintech forward by putting customer experience in the spotlight.

The accidental financial planner

Experiencing financial hardships in life at an early age led Alicia Vande Ven to discover financial planning as a second career path.

Balancing Korean traditions in a western world

How Kevin Gordon navigated “cultural friction,” and why he says he’s found his dream job.

Expanding a heart for service

Denise Hopkins explains how joining two non-profit boards has opened her eyes to the issues impacting her community.