Stories of working at Schwab

Leading with empathy to improve digital accessibility

Designing digital experiences with all users in mind.

Caring for seniors in Central Texas

Inspired by their mission to help seniors, learn how Chip has created a lasting volunteer relationship.

Taste of home

Bringing comfort and cultural familiarity to the office through family recipes.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it

Despite being born without hands or feet, Tony Volpentest was able to achieve his dream of becoming an elite runner.

Prioritizing mental health

Mari Detres shares her personal experience of loss and how she's navigated a very difficult time in her life.

Celebrating a life of visibility and authenticity

Matt Bungo tells his personal story of coming out and shares how the adoption of his son has given it a deeper meaning for him.

The power of resilience

Denisse Arambula has relied on the resilience that she developed as a Mexican immigrant to find what’s next for her in the United States.

A courageous journey forward

Having the determination to keep going and overcoming obstacles while pursuing her American dream

Furthering financial literacy

Summer intern and first-gen college grad is helping more people overcome financial barriers.

Prioritizing military service at Schwab

Learn why Andrea Hasaka values having a member of the military on her team, and how she supports him.