New Products & Services

2023 New Product & Service Highlights

Schwab Trading Powered by Ameritrade™

Set a new standard for the retail trading experience with the introduction of Schwab Trading Powered by Ameritrade™, a reimagined trading experience that unites the capabilities of the award-winning thinkorswim® trading platforms with Schwab’s trading capabilities on and Schwab Mobile.

Schwab Personalized Indexing™

Enhanced Schwab Personalized Indexing™, a direct indexing solution that provides tax-loss harvesting and professional portfolio management. Specifically, Schwab added: 

New options for portfolio customization and digital capabilities for retail clients who work with a Schwab Financial Consultant. 

A digitized experience for advisors and new ways to personalize client portfolios, ensuring fewer errors, faster processing, and a more streamlined workflow experience for RIAs and their clients.

Schwab Private Client Services

Introduced new branded and differentiated client experiences for High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) clients–Schwab Private Client Services for retail clients with more than $1 million in assets and Schwab Private Wealth Services™ for retail clients with more than $10 million in assets.

Schwab Investing Themes™

Put the power of personalized investing in the hands of individual investors with broad availability of Schwab Investing Themes™, a comprehensive thematic investing solution that enables investors to easily research, customize, and invest in more than 40 thematic areas based on their personal passions and interests.

Inheritance Center

Introduced the Inheritance Center, an online hub that delivers a simple way for Schwab clients who have received an inheritance to manage inheritance tasks such as opening accounts, submitting forms, and receiving status updates, ultimately reducing time-consuming phone calls, in-person branch visits, and the need to fax and mail forms.

Wasmer Schroeder™ Strategies

Expanded Wasmer Schroeder™ Strategies offerings to include three new short-duration Treasury bond ladder strategies that seek to offer a great way to generate income with a focus on stability of capital.

Schwab Model Market Center

Debuted Schwab Model Market Center, a technology solution that enables advisors to tap into more than 500 asset allocation models from more than 50 leading money managers, marking a new milestone in Schwab’s efforts to build the industry’s leading custody platform for RIAs.

Schwab Stock Plan Services

Expanded Schwab Stock Plan Services’ availability of fully featured investment accounts to equity compensation plan participants in 18 additional countries, bringing Schwab’s offer of fully featured accounts to participants in 52 jurisdictions outside the U.S.

Snap Ticket

Introduced SnapTicket® and streaming market data on and Schwab Mobile to enhance the trading experience, helping clients make more informed trades as well as build and place orders more quickly and efficiently.

Money Talk Personal Finance

Launched the Money Talk Personal Finance column to help everyday Americans navigate common financial topics and situations with uncommonly practical insights and ideas from certified experts.

Family Wealth Alliance

Expanded capabilities to serve multifamily and single-family offices through the acquisition of The Family Wealth Alliance.