Lorraine Gavican-Kerr

Managing Director, Trader Education
Media Contact
Image of Lorraine Gavican Kerr

Trader Education

Lorraine Gavican-Kerr serves as Managing Director, Trader Education at Schwab. In this role, Gavican-Kerr is responsible for overseeing Schwab’s education offering for traders, which includes a massive and ever-growing content library, daily live webcasts, in-person workshops, in-depth courses, multi-lingual content and more. She also leads Schwab’s media affiliate, the Schwab Network1, which offers live and on-demand content that interprets the day’s news so that viewers understand how to confidently apply what’s going on in the markets to their own strategies.

Gavican-Kerr has been with Schwab for 14 years, having joined TD Ameritrade during its acquisition of thinkorswim Group in 2009. She previously served as TD Ameritrade’s Head of Trader Operations, Supervision & Oversight.

Gavican-Kerr earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a postgraduate diploma in education from the National University of Ireland. In addition, she has a post graduate certificate in risk management from Middlesex University. She is based in Chicago.