We started small. But our idea was big

February 27, 2020 Bernard J. Clark
How Schwab Advisor Services went all in to help advisors grow, and build an industry.

We’ve talked a lot lately about being all in for independent advisors. The truth is, we’ve always been all in.

It was 1985 when Chuck noticed a small group of entrepreneurs looking for a better way to serve investors. He asked questions, he listened, and he pulled a team together to deliver the tools they needed. That is how Schwab Advisor Services was started – 34 years ago.

We started small. Just like those entrepreneurs. It was the idea that was big.

Since then, with shared values that we believe bind us strongly to our clients, we have been alongside Registered Investment Advisors (“RIAs”) as they’ve experienced decades of unprecedented growth, and watched the ecosystem that supports independence continue to strengthen each year.

Collage of advisors.

Today, we serve nearly 8,000 firms of all sizes. Large firms and small firms, new ones, and well-established ones – and every one of them is unique. We love helping firms serve their clients in the way they see fit.

Whether a firm manages billions or millions, it is important to us. Listening to our clients, understanding their needs – that is the base of our history and the foundation of our future. It is what drives us, and how we work alongside RIAs to help more investors to own their tomorrow.

Our clients trust us with so many aspects of their businesses, and we are incredibly grateful for that. Our teams are beyond optimistic about what’s to come. We have nearly 1,600 employees dedicated to our RIA clients. It’s my hope that they always feel what I do about Schwab – that they’ve chosen, in this firm, a place worthy of their career.

We will always do our part to strengthen the RIA industry for decades to come to benefit the generations that follow. That includes sharing the story of independence on the airwaves, advocating for those who practice it, helping to build the pipeline of future RIA leaders, and always – always – being there for what’s next – for our clients, and for theirs.