Omar Aguilar

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Passive Equity and Multi-Asset Strategies

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Passive Equity and Multi-Asset Strategies

Omar Aguilar is responsible for Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. (CSIM)'s equity and asset allocation mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and separately managed accounts.

Aguilar has more than 20 years of broad investment management experience in the equity markets, including managing index, quantitative equity, asset allocation, and multi-manager strategies. Prior to joining CSIM in April 2011, Aguilar was with Financial Engines, where he was responsible for managing more than $40 billion in assets from leading retirement plan sponsors in the defined contribution market. Before that, he served as head of quantitative equity for ING Investment Management (doing business as Voya Investment Management since May 1, 2014), building and developing the group and managing more than $20 billion in assets with 15 global active, index, and enhanced index strategies for pension funds, variable annuities, and mutual funds. Aguilar also served as the head of quantitative research for Lehman Brothers' alternative investment management business and as a director of quantitative research and a portfolio manager with both Merrill Lynch Investment Management and Bankers Trust.

Aguilar received a Bachelor of Science in actuarial sciences and a graduate degree in applied statistics from the Mexican Autonomous Institute of Technology (ITAM). He was a Fulbright Scholar at Duke University's Institute of Statistics and Decisions Sciences, where he earned Master of Science and doctorate degrees.