Statement on Political Contributions

Statement Copy

A recent ad from a third party has led to some questions from clients about how Schwab approaches political contributions. While we’re not sure what prompted our inclusion in the ad, we’d like to ensure our clients have an accurate understanding of Schwab’s position on political contributions.

As a firm, Charles Schwab does not endorse any political party or presidential candidate. The firm’s political contributions are made through our political action committee (PAC), which is funded by voluntary contributions from employees of Charles Schwab. The PAC has a long-standing policy to divide its contributions equally between Republicans and Democrats and does not contribute to Presidential candidates.  The PAC’s focus is solely on the issues that matter most to investors and those who serve them.  The PAC’s contributions are all public record.  Of the four senators mentioned in the ad campaign, only one (Tom Cotton) has received contributions from the PAC --  $5,000 in 2018.