We are champions of investors and those who serve them.

Since day one, we've set out to challenge the status quo, looking for ways to offer our clients more value and a better experience. We're confident our approach can help people take ownership of their financial futures.

Charles Schwab
The Schwab Way

Put the Client First

Watch the video and learn how we use both technology and people to make investing easier and more accessible

The Schwab Way

Schwab was built around a simple idea: put the client first. Lots of companies say that, but we work to keep clients at the heart of everything we do by offering a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth.

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Not too long ago, the average person didn't always feel welcome in the world of investing.

It was expensive. It wasn't always clear who benefitted most from a recommendation, the broker or the client.

And a regular person actually controlling their own financial destiny?

That would have seemed groundbreaking.

Then Chuck started this firm. Our firm.

Based on a simple question, "isn't there a better way?"

There is.

Schwab was built around a simple idea: put the client first.

Lots of companies say that, but we work to keep clients at the heart of everything we do.

By offering a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth.

We believe investors deserve nothing less.

It means, taking a more human approach in financial services.

Treating clients the way they expect to be treated.

We always try to look at the world through our clients' eyes.

We believe our business should be about service, not sales.

Service is the heart of who we are.

It means offering a more intelligent way to invest.

Making sure clients have a variety of sound options that combine the best of what people and technology have to offer.

By using both technology and people we help make investing easier and more accessible for people who live closer to Main Street than Wall Street.

It also means offering access to high quality products, services, and insights— all for very low costs.

After all, costs matter— a lot. That's why we offer some of the lowest cost products in the industry.

Our entire business is rooted in a strong belief,

That investing has the power to transform lives.,

And that everyone deserves a partner that will champion their goals with passion and integrity.

Looking ahead, we're confident we offer a better way to invest.

One that is more human, more intelligent and lower cost.

That's what modern means to us.

For those of us who work here, this isn't just business, . it's It's our passion, our purpose.

We show up every day to help people.

Help them turn their questions into answers.,

Engagement into action.,

And opportunity into ownership.

That's the Schwab way.

And that's what we mean when we say.:

Ask questions.

Be engaged.

And own your tomorrow.


Our purpose drives our every action.

Our purpose is to champion every client's goals with passion and integrity. This purpose drives us to help our clients take ownership of their financial futures, helping people at all levels of income and every stage of life, because investing for the future is one of the most important things people can do for themselves and their families. We believe it is critical to the health of our communities and to our society.


Our Values

Our values are a way of doing business—not just a plaque on the wall.

We place the highest value on:

  • Earning our clients' trust by treating them in an ethical, empathetic, and proactive way.
  • Constantly improving the client experience through innovation that benefits clients.
  • Respecting fellow employees and reinforcing the power of teamwork.
  • Being good stewards of our brand and stockholder value.

Service is the heart of who we are.

Service is the heart of who we are.

We always try to look at the world through our clients’ eyes because we believe our business should be about service, not sales. In fact, if for any reason clients aren’t happy with the service they get, we’ll refund the appropriate fees and work to make things right.

"Today's consumers expect great value, a great experience, and a refund if they aren't satisfied. We believe a modern investing experience should deliver on these expectations—period."

-Walt Bettinger
Chief Executive Officer, Charles Schwab

Our results speak for themselves.

With our purpose and values as our North Star, we’ve grown from a small discount brokerage to a leading investment services firm, a custodian for independent advisors, and a leader in asset management and retirement planning.

  • Total Client Assets*

    Total client assets*

    $7.30 Trillion

  • Daily average trades

    5.22 million

  • Brokerage accounts*

    33.9 million

  • Corporate Retirement Plan Participants*

    Corporate retirement plan participants

    2.3 Million

  • Banking Accounts*

    Banking accounts

    1.7 Million

  • RIAs Served*

    Independent advisor firms served

    Nearly 15,000

  • Total employees


  • All Proprietary Mutual Funds and ETFs**

    All proprietary mutual funds and ETFs

    $546.4 Billion

* Total client assets and brokerage accounts based on combined data for Schwab and TD Ameritrade as of July 31, 2022.

Seeing Through Clients' Eyes

See how our business strategy shapes our culture

We measure ourselves not only by what we do, but how we do it. Every action and each decision is based on building trust and seeing things through the eyes of our clients.

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Rene: One of the absolutely fabulous things about working at Schwab is when we say we look at things through clients’ eyes, we really, really mean it. We put the client at the center of every single interaction and decision that we make.

Leslie: One of the first things you’ll come to learn and be aware about as you begin your career here, is that everybody is constantly thinking about the client experience.

Rene:  …Chuck would say this, Walt would say this…If you solve the client’s need, then the rest of the business kind of solves itself.  Rather than completely orient towards the bottom line, focus on what’s most important, and that’s the client. The rest sort of fills in along the way.

Leslie: Investing is really about relationships.

….What can we do to help you succeed? What can we do to help your firm grow? To help you service your client base, etc.?

I think asking those questions, constantly challenging the status quo, I think that’s what keeps us kinda on that leading edge. And then, you know, we’re innovating, not to compete – we’re innovating on behalf of our clients and in the process we are changing the rules of the game.


Phatsany; What do I love about Schwab? I love the people. I love the people that I work with and our purpose to help clients. That's why I stayed at Schwab and why I work here. Our culture is unique and we really do put our clients first.

Bryce: I’m very proud of my picture where I got a chance to talk to Chuck. I was really struck by how much of a down to earth person he was and it was just really interesting and inspiring for me to meet him in person.

Bryce: I remember seeing a video early on of Chuck talking about clients. He said we put our clients first... I was like, "Wow, that really sets a high bar for the expectations of what we're doing."

Bryce: We're continually trying to listen to the voice of our clients. What is your experience? Are you getting what you need? What are the pain points?

Phatsany: It's figuring out how to make maybe our processes a little bit more efficient. If we listen to their need, then we're coming up with ideas to meet that need and that's where the innovations sparks… Their voice is what drives our innovation.

Bryce: Through clients’ eyes is just us knowing that we want to continually think of new and creative ways of how we can take great care of our clients.


Chuck: Always put the client first.


Closing comment

Ultimately, everything we do as a company—how we listen, how we solve, how we serve—is focused on helping our clients take ownership of their financial futures.


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