March 29, 2022 | 2 min read

“My favorite client calls me mom”

It was a proud parenting moment for one mom when she saw her daughter take her first steps towards financial freedom using a product she had designed. 


By Chelsey Sleator, Senior Manager, Communications 

Naomi Mahoney, a leader within Digital Services, is embarking on her 23rd year at Schwab, where her career has been focused on digitizing client experiences. Her daughter, Isabel “Izzy,” is embarking on her 18th year of life, which means voting, going off to college, and, of course, opening her first account with Schwab. 

Watching Izzy go through the digital account open process was a convergence of personal and professional worlds for Naomi—one where she experienced a moment of pride as both a mother and as a Schwabbie. 

“I was so proud watching from the sofa as Izzy navigated the account open process all by herself,” recalls Naomi. “And while she was doing it, I kept thinking, ‘I made that,’ ‘I launched that,’ and ‘I know the teams working on this stuff right now.’” 

Naomi is talking about the Digital Product Management teams across Schwab, many of which she has been a part of, that enabled the digital account open process. 

“We know people today expect managing their finances to be as easy as hailing a ride share, and Izzy is no exception,” says Naomi. “But I was able to point out the amazing power of our people who are behind these seemingly simple, intuitive experiences. I explained how much work it took to build the infrastructure so she could open her account digitally. And now she’s not only using the things I’ve helped launched, but she’s getting started on her investing journey, and I’m so proud.” 

Just as Naomi has worked hard to innovate for clients, she has also worked hard to promote financial literacy. 

“At around fifth grade, you go from raising kids to raising adults,” said Naomi. “And I wanted to teach my kids about finance and budgeting. They got to exercise good and bad judgment with $10 a week, and they built discipline with a small amount of money as a result.” 

In 2020, Naomi, Izzy, and her younger daughter, 15-year-old Kiko, took part in a Schwab-sponsored literacy program called Schwab Kids Day, sponsored by the Schwab Parents Network (SPAN). “It was the first formal literacy training they received, and the curriculum really opened their eyes,” said Naomi. 

Naomi is also helping to connect Schwab’s Moneywise America program to Mission Graduates, an organization focused on establishing college as a goal for every child in San Francisco.1 

“There are great programs at Schwab, and we should take advantage of them,” explains Naomi, who is also a board member of the organization. 

And as she thinks about Izzy embarking on adulthood, and managing her own finances, Naomi feels confident about her future. 

“Now it’s about taking the good habits that she has and applying them,” says Naomi. “She has the confidence based on what we’ve taught her, and if she doesn’t know something, we have the education and tools to help her figure it out.” 

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