Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Longtime Schwabbie Armando P.


September 22, 2020

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

After more than 31 years at Schwab, Armando P. still loves coming to work.

“I started at Schwab back in the summer of 1989,” remembers Armando.  “I had been working at a different firm and saw an ad for Schwab.  I came in for an interview and was really excited about joining after I learned about how Schwab did business.  Back then, it was about building trust and the needs of the client.  And I’m proud to say that those values are still our primary focus today.”

Armando grew up in San Jose, California and started at a Schwab branch there.  He then moved to the San Francisco Headquarters to start in a small department which at the time was called Financial Advisor Services.

“Schwab hired five service representatives in that group at the time, and I was one of them.  I was hired, but was asked to relocate to Phoenix, which I did,” says Armando.  “Two of my colleagues from that time are still with the firm today. And 27 years after I made the move, I still have some of the same clients in my current role in Advisor Services.”

Armando has had the unique opportunity to watch the business grow and change.  Some of his clients have changed, some remain. Some of their businesses have grown, some have retired.  But Armando’s commitment to his clients is steadfast.


“My clients tell me I’m like their quarterback. I’ve worked for some of them throughout my entire tenure. And I wake up every day and say ‘Armando, today I’m here to add value to clients.’ I laugh and I have a good time because I love my job.”

Armando P., Senior Relationship Specialist, Schwab Advisor Services

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Armando also spends time giving back to the firm he loves by helping with new hire orientation and counseling his colleagues on how best to succeed at Schwab.

“I always talk about the importance of building a brand at Schwab.  When you have a good brand at our firm it will take you far.  Schwab is a great place to grow and develop a career.  Take advantage of how much the firm has to offer.”

After more than three decades and six earned sabbaticals, what is Armando’s favorite part of his role?  “We have always put our clients first.  From my first day we’ve talked about the importance of trust and honesty and we still do today.  We are an ethical company and we really do care about our clients.  I love watching both clients and employees alike realize that it’s true.”