Celebrating Schwab Dads!


Parenting during a pandemic is likely not something most would have considered to be on the road of raising children to adulthood. But in 2020, it’s the reality for parents working from home who are also serving as a caregiver, chef, social director, teacher and more.

This Father’s Day, Schwab is celebrating some of our outstanding dads who are supporting their families while they teach some important life lessons and learn a few themselves along the way.

Schwab Dad Jay with his children.
Schwab Dad Brett with his children.
Jay Melby is a part of Schwab’s Phoenix Peak campus and is home building rocket forts with his children, four-year-old Reagan and two-year-old Luke. Jay says he’s hoping to teach his kids that even though our current road is bumpy, they should keep reaching for the stars, even if their rocket ship is made of plastic.   In Indianapolis, Brett Henninger is hosting dress-up Fridays for his kids, five-year-old Gwyneth and two-year-old Noleigh. Of the quarantine, Brett says he has remembered the importance of slowing down and hopes his kids will remember to enjoy the simple things in life.
Schwab Dad Keith with his daughter.
Schwab Dad Devere and his son.
Keith Vogel is at home in Phoenix with his 12-year-old daughter Alexis. Keith says it’s important to keep perspective during these tough times: “We’re comfortable and safe and we’re with the most important people we’d want to be with. If you think about it, we’ve got it pretty good.”   In Chicago, Devere Jones is balancing working full time while caring for his two-year-old son Miles. Devere is focused on savoring his time with Miles and teaching him that time is the only thing we cannot get back.
Schwab Dad Russell with his daughter.
Schwab Dad Brad with his children.
For Denver’s Russell Simmons, caring for his 13-month-old daughter while juggling work responsibilities with his wife (who also works at Schwab) the lesson is about optimism. “I really want to demonstrate to our daughter that you can make a positive opportunity out of any situation.”

  Brad Greeman in Indianapolis is dad to 10-year-old Carter, six-year-old Collin and two-year-old Bodie. For Brad’s family, adjusting to the new normal was a challenge, but Brad says they’ve found ways to focus on the positives of the situation and are enjoying a slower-paced life with time to connect with each other over movies and board games.
Schwab Dad Greg and his sons.
Schwab Dad Donnie with his son.
Denver’s Greg Shick is finding that the Charles Schwab motto of “Own Your Tomorrow” translates well into teaching his children during the pandemic to “Own Your Today.” Already a homeschooling family, Greg says he’s working to teach sons Josh (11) and Avi (seven) that it’s okay to slow down and focus on what matters most.   Donnie Collins is home with his 13-year-old son A.J. in the Phoenix area. Donnie says his family’s most impactful lesson during the pandemic is gratitude and that he’s specifically grateful for having a teenager that has loved to play golf with his dad since he was just five years old.