Celebrating Schwab moms doing it all this Mother’s Day


We think moms are pretty amazing every day – but during the Pandemic? Moms are our superheroes – juggling baby feedings, kids and teens with homework and tests, conference calls, laundry and frankly just keeping life going. (And to be fair, we know there are many dads, partners and other caregivers that are giving this their all as well!)

Even though this Mother’s Day might feel a little different, we want to say thanks to all of the moms who do it all. And to celebrate we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite Schwab moms and their sweet families. Happy Mother’s Day!

Jeannie Bidner usually works in Schwab’s Lone Tree, Colorado office, but is now working from home with her children, six-year-old Zoe and four-year-old Max. When asked her biggest lesson during the pandemic, Jeannie says “No matter what my workday looks like, my kids remain my number-one priority. I’m a mom first.”   Carolyn Colbert is juggling an eight-month-old daughter named Charlotte and her career from her home in the Austin, Texas area. Carolyn says the Pandemic has brought some silver linings to her life, “Although this has been an extremely challenging time, I’ve witnessed my daughter learn to crawl, push herself up and grow every day.”
Kim Harja is mom to 16-year-old twins, Arden and Mason, and works for Schwab in Lone Tree.  Kim (and truthfully basically every mom we spoke with) says, “I’ve learned that two teens in the house all day can eat a lot of food! I’m thankful we can drive to the grocery store (with masks of course) and replenish our food supply.”   Rayma Battenini just celebrated her two-year-old Sivii’s birthday in April at home in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As for parenting a toddler while working fulltime from home, Rayma says, “Sivii has taught me to be more patient and just live in the moment.”
In Lone Tree, Stephanie Howell is a mom of three kids, nine-year-old Tanner, four-year-old Teddy and 10-month-old Nicky. Stephanie says of her new working-mom life, “I’ve learned that’s okay if your baby is heard chirping away in the background of a conference call or if you need to block time on your calendar to proctor a spelling test.”

  In Chicago, Annie Davidson got to celebrate her 10-year Schwanniversary at home with a special cake sent by her fellow Schwabbies. Making it extra special was sharing the sweet treat with her kids, seven-year-old Trey, five-year-old Finn and three-year-old Eliza. Annie remarks, “My life lesson during the Pandemic is that kids have an incredible way of simplifying things, holding us accountable and reminding us to be present. My husband and kids are the best coworkers a girl could ask for.”