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George Myatt:    00:05    Pride is acceptance. It's something that really means the most to me because without acceptance, we can't have diversity and inclusion.

Janice Cupp:    00:17    Pride to me is really about connecting with people, and bringing people together, and just showing love and support. Today we brought a bunch of members of not just the Pride ERG, but of all of our inclusion networks, and all the ERGs kinda came together and built an awesome Pride flag out of different rainbow-colored cards that said what Pride means to us.

George Myatt:    00:43    I advocate that the rainbow as itself, as a flag, or as a symbol, is a very uniting symbol, because you see every color possible, imaginable. And it's just in uniform—everything's together, and it's unified as well. So it's a beautiful display of harmony and peace. And that's something that I think what diversity and inclusion always has in it, is harmony and peace.

The Pride Employee Resource Group is an opportunity for people to come together through diversity and inclusion events, where you can come to meet new people at Schwab, but also to learn about different subjects, and topics on the issues within the LGBTQ community, or other items within diversity and inclusion.

Janice Cupp:    01:31    We really are trying to bring members and allies of the LGBTQ community kinda together at Schwab to kind of foster that camaraderie and community environment that we have here. I really want people to know that it's really about who you are, and that you're accepted, and we're just one big family—we're the Schwamily. So we're just one big family, we're one big community, and everybody can work together.

George Myatt:    01:57    For me to be here at Schwab, it means that I can be my radically authentic self. And it means that we can celebrate diversity and be one together as a corporation of people. The term that we always use is “One Schwab.” And so, being able to have moments like this, and to come together in a collaborative, friendly, and powerful environment means so much to me.

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