Slow music plays as a woman walks down a locker-lined school hallway, swinging a J. L. Long Middle School lanyard with keys and an ID badge. She unlocks a door.

Tamara Walker [off-screen]: I knew from a child that I was gonna be a teacher.

A close-up of Tamara transitions to a view of the front of the school, with the school’s name carved in stone over the entrance. As Tamara speaks off-screen, she is shown hugging a smiling young boy and then teaching in a classroom.

I teach at J.L. Long Middle School in Dallas, Texas. The kids call me Miss Walker. Although I teach financial literacy, a lot of my kids come from families that have no…

Onscreen text: Tamara Walker, J.L. Long Middle School Teacher

Tamara [in close-up shot]: …not even enough money to buy the school supplies.

As Tamara speaks off-screen, she is shown organizing papers at her desk and flipping through a three-ring binder of teaching assignments.

And so throughout the years, I've always tried to supply everything for my students.

Close-up shots of Tamara are interspersed with shots of her and her students in the classroom and her fist-bumping students in the school hallway.

And then when DonorsChoose came around, I was like, "Miracle." I never want my kids to have to go buy anything. A spiral, a pencil. If a pencil is going to keep them from being successful throughout the day, no need.

Onscreen text: Emily Harwood, Charles Schwab Financial Consultant

Music becomes up-tempo and jubilant.

Emily Harwood:                My name is Emily Harwood. I am a Financial Consultant at Charles Schwab in Dallas, Texas.

Close-up shots of Emily are interspersed with a view of the front of the middle school and then shots of Tamara interacting with two young girls in the classroom, high-fiving a young boy, straightening the classroom by dropping markers into a bin, and then conversing with Emily.

This is my neighborhood school. My own son is going to be a J. L. Long Buc in two years. Miss Walker is out there every day teaching financial literacy to these kids.

That's what we do at Charles Schwab. We want folks to be financially savvy. So when we learned about Miss Walker and how dedicated she is and that she's turned to DonorsChoose to fund the projects in her class—which is a great organization; it allows schools and teachers to crowdfund projects that may otherwise not have the resources to fund—

Emily and Tamara are in the classroom talking. Smiling, Emily reaches into an inner pocket of her blazer and pulls out a card, which she hands to Tamara.

We decided we wanted to do something significant, and we want to make a big impact in her class.

She has no idea what's coming.

Tamara takes the card Emily is handing her. As she opens it, joy and shock register on her face and she gasps and begins to cry.

Emily [off-screen] What's in there?

Tamara [crying]: $10,000.

Emily [laughing and hugging Tamara]: We're gonna help you do a lot of good stuff, 'cause you do a lot of good stuff for these kids here.

A school door opens and Tamara enters a large room where dozens of students are cheering and shouting and a drum section from a marching band is playing. Then Tamara and some students are holding a poster-sized check for $10,000 from Charles Schwab.

Emily [off-screen] We have another little surprise for you. We're gonna take you and your whole class tonight to the Rangers.

Tamara raises her arms exultantly, and she and the students cheer.

Outside of the ballpark, Tamara is wearing a Texas Rangers shirt and hugs Rangers Captain, the Texas Rangers mascot. Then Tamara is walking down the sidewalk with her students. She is shown with a series of different students inside the stadium, enjoying the baseball experience.

Tamara [off-screen]: I feel elated. I can't believe that someone's willing to help us that much. My kids are gonna be the real winners.

Up-tempo music ends. Brand music plays.

Onscreen text: Charles Schwab is proud to match your donation supporting financial education in the classroom.

Visit to help us make a difference.

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