Interns turned Schwabbies offer new cohort advice


June 9, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

As Schwab welcomes members of the 2021 Virtual Intern Academy, who better to offer some advice for our newest Schwabbies than interns who successfully became full-time Schwab employees? Here’s what some of our former interns had to say.

Kelvin M. - Lone Tree, Colorado

Internship: Summer 2020 (Virtual) 

Current role: Senior Specialist, Risk Analytics/Modeling

Advice: Be curious and willing to learn! There’s a lot to learn, and Schwab doesn’t expect you to already know everything. Instead, take the approach of asking plenty of questions.

Dominique S. - Austin, Texas

Internship: Summer 2019

Current role: Associate Digital Product Manager 

Advice: My biggest piece of advice I can provide is to be a sponge. Internships are a great opportunity to learn about the company, the culture, and what you are interested in. I highly recommend interns to meet people within their team and outside to get new and different perspectives.

Arjun S. - Westlake, Texas

Internship: Summer 2019

Current role: Manager, Research & Marketing Analytics

Advice: Manage your time wisely- build relationships, learn quickly, add value wherever you can, and don’t forget to share your story with others when you network!

Carrie M. - Westlake, Texas

Internship: Summer 2017 

Current role: Local Acquisition Marketing Partner

Advice: Having a can-do attitude and willingness to help goes a long way. Everyone is always looking for additional time – offer to help with projects, you’ll learn and be a great teammate! Always be willing to receive feedback.

Alec P. - Lone Tree, Colorado

Internship: Summer 2015 

Current role: Senior Business Analyst/Product Owner

Advice: Take advantage of your opportunities! Connect with others, shadow, ask questions, and learn. Take advantage of this time to learn more about Schwab, corporate life, and what direction you may want to go in your career.