Marriage, acquisition creates new kind of Schwamily


July 21, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

Combine marriage and a large corporate acquisition and you get a different type of Schwamily. At least that’s what happened to John and Shelby, who are now one of our many Schwouples! We had the chance to ask them four questions.

Question: Good to meet you both. Tell us about your roles at the firm.

Shelby: I’ve been at Schwab for three years. I just started on the Core Account Management team as a Regional Support Specialist. As an RSS I help financial advisors grow their business by providing access to sophisticated tools and wealth-management services.

John: And I’ve been on the TDA side for about six and a half years. I work in Advisor Services in institutional trading. I have the opportunity to assist advisors with trades that potentially could impact the market and it allows me to educate them on best execution practices, which results in benefiting the end client and potentially helping the advisor grow their business.

Question: Where did you meet and how long have you been married?

Shelby: We’ve been married eight years. We met working at a fine dining restaurant in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. But we wanted to start a family and were looking for more stable careers, which is ultimately what led us to both TDA and Schwab. We are so thankful for everything we have found in our work lives here at the firm.

Question: And do you now have a family?

John: We do! We have a two-year-old daughter and during the pandemic welcomed a set of twin girls! It’s been a bit of adventure during the last year, but we are managing. We’re just busy all the time!

Question: Congratulations. And that’s amazing to tackle during the pandemic. What do you think stands out to you about working at Schwab – especially now that the firms have combined?

Shelby: I love everything about Schwab – especially the culture. We are kind and respectful here. And Schwab has been supportive of me as a new mom, especially with the birth of the twins. I also notice that we recognize and reward people for their work. I think that’s a unique part of the firm.

John: I used to joke that some day we’d become a Schwouple. And now we are. I think for me I appreciate the growth opportunities that are available here at Schwab. I have also found that the firm’s values align with our family values and that is important to us.