Meet Brian, Schwabbie and military spouse


May 18, 2021

Brian is a tried-and-true Schwabbie who’s dedicated his career to supporting Schwab clients and their financial goals. He is also a proud military spouse who has supported his wife through a unique military career. We had the chance to ask Brian four questions.

Question: Brian, good to meet you. Tell us about your background and how you found Schwab.

Brian: I’m an Arizona native, a proud graduate of Arizona State University (ASU) and now manage the North Scottsdale Branch. I joined Schwab right out college and took a position in Client Service and Support and have been at the firm ever since. I’m incredibly loyal to Schwab.

Question: You’re a military spouse. Tell us about your wife and her service.

Brian: I like to tell the story of how I met my wife. I met her in a bar when we were in college. A week later I ran into her again and she was in her uniform as a ROTC Air Force member at ASU. We’ve been best friends ever since. Her initial roles in the military didn’t impact my career initially, but as she was moved around the country, and later deployed to Iraq, Schwab was able to help me work in other locations to help me support my wife and also continue to build my career. After her time in the military, Lora worked as a military civilian employee and now is a proud mom to our two boys, who are six and eight.

Question: That’s a terrific story. And thank you to your wife for her service. You’re still supportive of the military community now?

Brian: I’m privileged to be one of the three national co-chairs of the Military Veterans Network (MVN) here at Schwab. I believe it’s imperative we support our veterans, active military members and their families. I’m honored to meet members of the MVN every day – they fought for our country and now they’re serving our clients. It’s incredibly sobering to me – our veterans and service members are the real heroes.

Question: That ability to bring personal passions to work is one of the special things about Schwab. What else would you want people to know about the firm – especially as an employee who’s been here for nearly 24 years?

Brian: I want people to know that at Schwab the culture is the differentiator. It’s special. While I thoroughly believe in our products and services, and the incredible value in our offering, our competitors are constantly on our heels in every aspect. But our culture at Schwab? It can’t be duplicated. Put the client first—always.