A personal commitment to learning and financial literacy

April 5, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Growing up in a developing country gave Ed Z., who now works on Schwab's Digital Services team, a unique perspective on the importance of education.

Having a robust portfolio is not just something Edgar (“Ed”) Z. wants for Schwab clients, he believes that with the right education, more and new investors can create generational wealth and a sense of financial security.

After beginning his career in the broker training program, Ed has navigated his way through various teams, and now oversees operations and trading risk for Schwab Intelligent Portfolios® in Digital Services. Learning is a common theme in the stories Ed tells, and he’s excited about the company’s approach to educating investors.

How growing up in Boliva shaped Ed’s view on financial literacy

After arriving from Bolivia to the U.S. for college, Ed recognized the benefit of learning how to be financially responsible early on, a concept where he had some foundation.  

“Growing up in a developing country, most people don’t know how to invest or where to start investing,” Ed shared. “My dad worked for a multinational company and had a 401(k), but never looked closely at his portfolio or investments and how they were managed. I was fortunate that he opened so many doors for my family and me because I had a unique perspective around the benefit of learning about one’s personal finances. That resonated with me when I learned about intelligent portfolios in college, and it was a significant reason why I wanted to make my mark at Schwab.” 

That growing-up experience is a big part of why Ed is a big proponent of financial literacy programs like Moneywise America; he believes educating future investors is what will help more families create generational wealth. It's also what drove him to get involved in multiple Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including the Schwab Organization for Latinx (SOL) and GLOBE (International and Multicultural Professionals at Schwab), which he helped launch at Schwab’s Westlake, TX location.  

"GLOBE started because we noticed there was little information about Schwabbies who came from other countries," he said. "I was involved with SOL and was able to connect with my fellow Latin Schwabbies, but I also craved a connection with folks who had a similar background as me—coming [from other countries] to the United States."  

Ed is proud of Schwab's investment to elevate the experiences of its employees, including their cultures and commitments to serving diverse communities.  

"I’m personally invested in Schwab,” Ed says. “Being at a company that enables you to make connections with others outside of your immediate organization or role shows me there's an understanding of what it means to be human. I know I belong here because I have the freedom to learn, honor the experience of others, and approach every opportunity and new client with an open mind."

Ed wades into the waters of the Atlantic at Praia de Copacabana (Copacabana Beach) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.