And the intern makes four

August 4, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
The Jensens never planned to be a "Schwamily" of four, but when Mo Jensen joined Schwab as an intern this summer, they became just that.

Every year many talented students from across the country get the opportunity to further their careers during a summer internship at Schwab. But one intern found that not only is he furthering his career goals, but also his family’s bond. Mo Jensen is the fourth—yes, count ‘em, 1, 2, 3 ,4—member of the Jensen family to call himself a Schwabbie. 

Karen was the first Jensen to join the company six years ago as a Senior Manager in Risk Assessment. Her husband, Tony, explains that Karen spoke highly of Schwab for years, so this past January he jumped at an opportunity to join as an IT Project Manager. Their daughter, Kendra, followed closely when she accepted a position as a Client Service Associate in June. However, their son Mo, a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, didn’t necessarily have plans to follow his family. 

“At first it seemed strange to apply to a company that employed my father, mother and sister,” Mo says about considering the internship. “But after hearing from two family friends who raved about their previous experiences interning for Schwab—the rigor, friendships, and learning they took with them—I was convinced, and I decided that this was a great opportunity.”  

Mo’s family fully supported his decision to apply for an internship with the HR and Talent Acquisition team. “My role with Mo was that of cheerleader, not recruiter,” says Karen.   

The Jensens each reflected on what it has been like having Mo join “the Schwamily” this summer as part of his internship: 

Mo: Interning at the same company as my family has been an awesome experience. We are all in different departments so there isn’t overlap, but it is nice to know they are close, and I can ask them questions if needed. Being here together has complemented our family’s connection and fostered new conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise. 

Karen: It was quite odd, at first, to have two mutually exclusive “circles” (i.e., family and work) intersect. But it’s also incredibly cool to see each of them enjoying their unique opportunities at Schwab. 

Tony: It is exciting to know we are part of the same great organization and yet have our own areas of focus. I often do a double take seeing family members in the company’s chat tool. 

Kendra: I think it’s cool that we all work at the same company with different roles. Plus, as I’m learning all about Schwab, I have my own personal ‘help desk.’