Celebrating a life of visibility and authenticity

October 9, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Matt Bungo tells his personal story of coming out and shares how the adoption of his son has given it a deeper meaning for him.

“Coming out changed my life in such a positive way,” says Matt Bungo. “Living and working and knowing that I can show up and be myself each day, I’d never change it.”

Matt has been with Schwab for 13 years and is a Branch Manager in Fort Worth and Southlake, TX. When he first joined Schwab, he had yet to come out to his family and peers and started the process not knowing what to expect.

“I might not have come out if it wasn’t for the amazing leaders I’ve worked with along the way,” says Matt. “They created an inclusive space for me to be visible on my terms, and that’s been meaningful throughout my journey.”

To Matt, coming out means being able to celebrate visibility and authenticity, two characteristics that are crucial to him.

New experiences bring new perspectives

During his time at Schwab, Matt has gone through many life-changing experiences, the most recent being expanding his family. When Matt and his husband, Joe, considered having a child, they explored multiple paths, and their search landed on adoption.

One morning, roughly two years ago, Matt and Joe were watching the TODAY Show and saw a segment about adoption. During the segment, they heard from Samuel (Sam), a teenager whose story resonated deeply with them. “I was instantly drawn to Sam,” says Matt. “There were so many traits about him that sparked our interest. The more we learned about him, the more our connection grew.”

And just like that, Matt and Joe began the adoption process and officially became Sam’s parents nearly a year and a half ago. Following the adoption, Matt used six-weeks of paid parental leave to get to know and bond with Sam.

“It was the most amazing time I’ve ever had,” says Matt. “And I appreciate the time I was given to build a relationship with my son.”

As a parent, Matt finds a newer, deeper meaning in the act of coming out. It’s no longer about him or his husband. “You’re never really finished coming out, I’ve learned, especially if you have a family,” says Matt. “Sometimes, it is as simple as correcting someone who mentions my wife after hearing I have a son. Other times it isn’t as easy, but we’re always doing it.”