Changing lives with financial knowledge

November 17, 2022
Rick Kinnard was so inspired to help others he spent a week of vacation time volunteering to help formerly homeless men.

In his career as a Private Client Services specialist, Rick enjoys providing investment guidance to clients and helping them manage their portfolios. But he finds tremendous personal fulfillment helping people without many resources get on their financial feet and work toward a better future for themselves, family and friends.

Rick always wants to come back from his vacations with a good story. One of his favorite vacation stories is about the time he spent a week dedicated to volunteering. In addition to five other volunteer projects, Rick led a team project that used Schwab’s Moneywise America (a financial literacy and money-management program designed for teens) to teach formerly homeless men important financial basics.

Changing lives

“There are times in life when we wish we could do more,” said Rick, “because it can be monumental to change people’s lives.” Which is why he jumped at the opportunity to work with the Cornerstone Assistance Network to provide financial guidance to formerly homeless men working to obtain a college degree or vocational training. Each resident at the Fort Worth, Texas, New Life Center (NLC) receives help on many fronts, but one key tenet is financial guidance—and that’s where Rick and the volunteer team comes in.

According to Philip Posey, the director of housing at New Life Center, “The thing about Rick that stands out the most is his enthusiasm to help others learn money management skills. He’s very approachable and makes others believe managing their money is an achievable goal.”

Rick never expected any reward for his work and was overwhelmed when he actually received an award. “Just being nominated was a great honor,” says Rick, but the best part of winning was being able to share it. When he learned there was a $2,500 grant with the award, his first thought was to donate it to the organization. “I wanted to let Phil Posey and NLC have the money,” said Rick. “I have so much faith in the organization and know they will use it wisely.”

Rick Kinnard, Schwab Private Client Services and Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, President & Board Chair at Charles Schwab Foundation

Rick Kinnard and Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz at a Moneywise America volunteer event.

Money wisdom

When Rick first learned about the Moneywise America program, he realized the curriculum could be equally valuable for people beyond their teen years who had never learned the fundamentals of personal finance. Certainly when it comes to learning essential money skills, the earlier the better, but many people do reach adulthood without the financial literacy they need to succeed.

As a Moneywise America project leader, Rick regularly promotes it as a pathway for fellow employees to give back. He describes Denszell Brown, one of those volunteers, as “practically my brother,” as the two share the same intense passion for helping others. As Denszell put it, “Rick’s contagious smile and spirit to give back encouraged me to become a leader in Moneywise America as well. The man is a machine, and an asset to Schwab.”

In addition to the New Life Center residents, Rick does utilize Moneywise America for its originally intended audience as well. In late October, he and several other volunteers met with 200 high-performing students from eight local high schools, who’d written an essay earning them a place at Schwab’s headquarters for the session.

Volunteering will change your life

Rick gets enthusiastic working with people, whether clients, the homeless, or eager students. And he wants as many others as possible to experience the satisfaction he receives from doing so—however they want to help. “My advice: There are hundreds of programs out there—help dogs, help people, young, old—it’s more enriching than you can imagine!” As it’s done for Rick, it “will transform your attitude.”