Charles Schwab continues to grow (and hire) in Dallas-Fort Worth

August 3, 2021 Tarah Wolking
This summer marks the fifth year since Charles Schwab opened its first North Texas corporate office and it’s planning to expand in a big way.

Schwab employees are celebrating a few milestones this summer thanks to the company’s continued growth and success. 

Just five years ago, Schwab opened its first Dallas-Fort Worth corporate service center and since then has expanded its local presence to multiple campuses, employing more than 5,000 North Texans. Most notably, the company recently built a state-of-the-art headquarters in Westlake, Texas. 

Looking for talent

And the company’s not just expanding geographically. Schwab currently has many employment opportunities, including more than 1,000 open roles in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The positions range across many areas of the business including financial consultants, client services, licensed representatives, technology professionals, data and analytics, human resources, marketing, project management, and software engineers. 

Working in Westlake

The brand-new Westlake campus opened in early 2020 and of course, no one could have predicted what would happen next. But even with the shift to a mostly virtual workforce, the firm continued to remain hopeful and lay out plans for a future return to the office. 

Which brings us to another milestone employees are celebrating—the option to voluntarily return to the office. 

For Westlake employees, this means being able to take advantage of the sleek, thoughtfully designed space now available to them. The campus provides employees with many amenities such as an on-site upscale cafe and barista, ergonomic workstations with sit-stand desks for everyone, training centers, collaboration spaces and more. 

“As a Schwabbie who relocated to the Westlake area, I can say I’m truly in awe of the new campus,” remarks Katie Casey, Managing Director and head of Human Resources. 

But Katie isn’t surprised either. She knows the level of detail that went in to planning the campus and how Schwab’s culture was kept top of mind every step of the way. 


Our firm has been in a stretch of rapid growth and change, but what stands out the most to me is that we are still at our core representing the values set forth by Chuck [Charles Schwab] and writing the next chapter of the firm’s history here in Westlake

- Katie Casey, Managing Director and head of Human Resources

Continuing enhancements

Those participating in the voluntary return to office will find that life at Schwab is much the same, and yet some things will look quite a bit different. When the campus had opened in 2020, it was still in Phase 1 of construction. 

“As employees return to our beautiful Westlake campus, they’ll find that the site has changed tremendously. We’ve completed the majority of Phase 1 of the campus and opened our Phase 2 security pavilion that houses a new coffee bar and micro market,” says Beth Gambaro, Managing Director of Commercial Real Estate. “We are so excited to welcome each Schwabbie back to work to share this incredible space. The people will be what makes this campus a true community.” 

Bryan Gregston, Director of Operations for Schwab Charitable, shares what it’s been like for him to transition back to the campus after working remotely. 

“I’ve been re-energized by returning to the office,” shares Bryan. “Although the population on campus is sparse, it’s really nice hearing small pockets of noise and feeling reunited with colleagues. And it’s been great to be part of those face-to-face conversations and collaboration moments again—these are the things that have always set Schwab apart from other employers and can be difficult to recreate in a virtual setting.” Bryan also shared that he is looking forward to seeing more fellow Schwabbies back in the office later this year to boost the energy on campus even more. 

Here for a good time (and a long time)

Westlake is an addition to Schwab’s already long-term presence in the great state of Texas. Schwab opened its first client-facing retail branch in 1977 and now boasts 21 branches in the state (with six in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex) and additional corporate service centers located in Austin, El Paso, and Southlake. 

“For me, it’s such an honor to work for Charles Schwab at our headquarters,” says Katie Casey. “I am excited for what lies ahead over the next few years as Schwabbies in Westlake and Southlake—plus those around the country—continue to deliver outstanding service through our clients’ eyes.” 

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