Developing diverse leaders: Meet Sabrina Halstead

January 26, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Hear about Sabrina's experience working with a nonprofit focused on improving the professional and social trajectory of African American leaders.

As an employee of 11+ years based out of Lone Tree, CO, Sabrina Halstead has navigated a successful career at Schwab that has allowed her to grow and contribute to many parts of the company. She credits much of her success to the connections she has built through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), particularly the Women’s Interactive Network at Schwab (WINS) and Black Professionals at Charles Schwab (BPACS). 

“Having connections with people you don’t work with every day, but come together with for a common goal, is so beneficial,” explains Sabrina, who encourages all Schwabbies to join an ERG. 

While Sabrina has found success within the Schwab community, when presented with the opportunity to get involved with the Urban Leadership Foundation (ULF) of Colorado, a nonprofit focused on improving the professional and social trajectory of African American leaders, she knew it was an opportunity to learn from others outside of Schwab. 

“My Managing Director approached me with the opportunity to participate in the ULF Leadership Connect program,” explains Sabrina. “He told me that it was a big commitment, but he also assured me that he would support me as I went through it.” 

Leadership Connect is an intense 10-month development program designed to help African Americans become more effective, well rounded, and influential leaders.1 Sabrina applied and interviewed, and once accepted, she participated in a curriculum that contained technical and skills-based classes, and exercises on emotional intelligence and self-awareness. 

“The curriculum was very intentional and very focused,” explains Sabrina. “There were 22 of us in the cohort. We all learned from each other in addition to what we were being taught through the program.” 

Sabrina graduated from the program in November and can already see the value. 


I learned to make sure that I’m always presenting the most authentic version of myself. Sometimes as a Black woman, I automatically think about what others think about me or how they are perceiving me. But I learned that I need to flip that thinking. I can’t control what others think, but I can control how I represent myself.

This mental framework was valuable to Sabrina as she took on a new team and new responsibilities at Schwab last July. Sabrina is now in a leadership position where she is focused on cybersecurity and fraud prevention for the Workplace Financial Services organization. 

When she’s not busy building a successful career, Sabrina is busy with family life which includes her husband Andrew, and her two boys, Blake (9), and Camden (4). “Spring to fall is all sports all the time,” says Sabrina.  

She is also an avid Peloton rider, crafter, and reader, and she plans to stay involved with the ULF of Colorado. “The organization is so phenomenal,” says Sabrina. “I tell everyone I meet about what ULF is doing and how they can support it.”