Forging their own career paths

February 28, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Meet two women who are driven to grow their own careers and are dedicated to helping others do the same.

One way Schwab is honoring Women’s History Month is to reflect on, celebrate, and encourage the contributions of women. Kassandra “Kasey” Hahn, and Carrie Monroe are two of many women who have navigated successful careers at Schwab and are driven to help others to do the same. 

Kasey has been with Schwab for seven years and is currently based out of Austin. She started in Client Service and Support, moved on to the Technical Service and Support team, where she advanced to a team trainer, and then took advantage of a career-building opportunity to transition to Product Management in Digital Services, where she is now focused on driving retail messaging experiences for and the retail mobile app. 


One of the things I value most about working at Schwab is the exposure to different organizations,” explains Kasey. “There’s 1,000 opportunities at Schwab if you are willing to look.

- Kasey Hahn, Digital Services, Charles Schwab

Carrie started her career as an intern and was hired full time, becoming one of the first participants of the Marketing Rotation program. In the three-and-a-half years since Carrie began, she was able to participate in three marketing rotations before securing her permanent role with the Local Marketing team in Westlake, TX. 


The rotation program was like career progression at hyper-speed,” explains Carrie. “I had the opportunity to learn so many skills and get exposure to so many parts of the company, and that helped me focus on what I want to do.” In her current role, Carrie supports the branch network by crafting acquisition strategies to drive new growth to the firm.

- Carrie Monroe, Local Marketing, Charles Schwab

Both Kasey and Carrie share not only their drive to expand and grow their careers, but also a dedication to helping others do the same. Both are active members and chairs of the NEXT Employee Resource Group (ERG), which aims to empower the next generation of Schwab employees. 

“A lot of people think NEXT is just focused on new-hires,” explains Kasey. “But really it’s for everyone, and the mission is to help Schwabbies network and find their next move at Schwab.” 

While they are both happy in their current roles, they continue to remain focused on the future, and have some advice for employees who are interested in expanding their careers. 

“Seek out opportunities for yourself,” advises Kasey. “In my experience, managers have always been really open to employees exploring new opportunities, but don’t wait for you manager to bring the next thing to you. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate and be willing to get out of your comfort zone.” 

“There’s never been a better opportunity than right now,” adds Carrie. “With the integration with TD Ameritrade and collaboration with those colleagues, there’s so many new things happening. Don’t be afraid to pick up different things and learn something new.” 

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