Honoring our Veterans: Meet Bryn N.

November 10, 2020
Schwab continues to celebrate our veteran employees. Meet Schwabbie Bryn N., a U.S. Naval Academy graduate.

“I was in the ninth class to graduate women from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland,” remembers Bryn N., who lives in the southern part of Metro Denver, not far from the Schwab Campus in Lone Tree. “Serving our country was important to me. My grandfather served in World War I, my uncle in World War II, my dad in Vietnam, and my brother in the first Iraq War. I was introduced to the Naval Academy by a cousin.”

Bryn grew up in Washington State, spent four years at the Naval Academy, where she earned a degree in oceanography, and then spent five years as a commissioned officer.

At the time, women weren’t allowed on combat ships or planes,” says Bryn. “I was an aircraft maintenance officer on the P3 Orion Aircraft, which is a large, four-engine, propeller-driven, submarine- hunting aircraft.”

During her time in the Navy, Bryn was deployed to Spain and Iceland and led the maintenance department in her squadron that took care of nine planes. After her service, she moved west to Colorado to earn an MBA from Colorado State University. After graduating, Bryn started as a project manager in Information Technology (IT) consulting and had worked in several industries before landing at Schwab about three-and-a-half years ago.

“I love my work at Schwab.  I work in Schwab Technology Services (STS) as a Staffing Leader in Project Services.  I hire and manage a team of 25 project managers and business analysts.  I am really drawn to this kind of work because I love to learn and IT is always improving and changing.”

In addition to work in STS, Bryn is a member of Schwab’s Employee Resource Group called the Military Veteran’s Network that focuses on supporting veterans and active military members both in our communities and at the firm.


Schwab is committed to our military veterans.  We volunteer in our communities, we raise funds for veterans. That culture of support for our service members is important at Schwab and we focus on honoring the service of these dedicated men and women.

- Bryn N., Schwabbie and veteran

Away from work, Bryn is married and the mother of two teenagers.  She enjoys the Colorado outdoors and has discovered a passion for stand-up paddle boarding during the pandemic.  And during this unusual year, Bryn says Schwab has really had a chance to shine.

“The success of a company is based on the success of its IT organization,” says Bryn. “IT continues to be more and more important as it move things forward and supports the business. You can see the difference our work makes here at Schwab.”