Meet one of Schwab’s longest-serving employees: Shelton S.

December 4, 2020
As one of the company's most tenured employees, Shelton S. shares his perspective as a 40-year Schwabbie.

With the exception of Chuck, there are just a few Schwab employees that can boast the same length of tenure at the firm as Shelton S.

“The way I found Schwab is pretty unique,” remembers Shelton. “I was 18, in college and working for the Census Bureau on the 1980 census. We had an individual who didn’t want to take it and they sent me to try and convince him to do it. The man, who did eventually complete the census, said, ‘Young man, I like the way you handled yourself, call me if you need a job.’ I actually ended up connecting to that man, whose name was (Phillip) Ralph Grinslade, again through a friend who happened to know him. I went on an interview and the rest is history, as they say.”

Shelton’s first Schwab job was working about 20 hours a week as an assistant for around $5 an hour in Kansas City. But that was just the beginning of what has become a storied career in financial services.

“I’ve worked for Schwab in Indianapolis, San Francisco, Coral Gables, Florida, where I opened the branch there, and also in Virginia,” says Shelton. “When I retired in 1997 I was leading the Arlington, Virginia Branch. I was retired for about two and a half years when I got a call to come back in 1999. I like to call it my extended vacation.”

Upon his return, Shelton joined what was then called the GCom/GOST Team (now known as the Client Advocacy Team) and said he ultimately wanted to move to Orlando. He got the chance in 2000 and currently works in the securities and operations department on the custody side of the business.


I feel so lucky to be with Schwab for so long. It’s like I’ve had two separate careers here. I also feel honored to see Schwab go from what was basically a startup to the top firm in our industry. We’ve outlasted a lot of companies and we’re stronger than ever.

- Shelton S.

And of course, throughout his lengthy tenure, Shelton has had the chance to meet Chuck.

“What’s most important to Chuck is that we all take care of our clients,” says Shelton. “I’ve heard him say it and I always remember it. I tell my partners and I tell my team, we must always put the client first.”

Away from work Shelton is married with two grown children. He and his wife love living near the ocean and enjoying the Florida sunshine. So what’s next for Shelton?

“40 years of service is around the corner for me,” smiles Shelton. “Once I reach that mark, I will reevaluate. But it’s a personal milestone for me. I really want to hit 40 years with the firm. I love working for Charles Schwab and for Chuck!”