Meet 'Renaissance Man' and former intern: Andrew V.

November 16, 2021
With a background as a Schwab intern and a passion for learning, Andrew is now an advocate for young adults trying to figure out their own careers.

By Jeffrey Ackerson, Director, Communications 

The average length of time at a company for Americans ages 25 to 34 is 3.2 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, that average has been easily eclipsed by Austin-based Schwabbie Andrew V., who has sharpened his knowledge in many different areas during his five-plus years with the company. 

Here's Andrew’s story: 

After completing a nine-week summer internship with Schwab in 2015, Andrew knew that he wanted to absorb as much Schwabbie wisdom as he could. So, immediately after graduation, he joined the Enterprise Finance team, and since then has held multiple roles within Schwab Technology Services (STS). Today, he's in a new role as an IT program manager for Data & Representative Technology's Business Management Office. 

Thanks in part to these role changes and a host of interests outside of work, Andrew proudly admits he's a bit of a "Renaissance Man" who knows a little about a lot of things, including Austin's live music scene, movies and television, and technology trends. 

Andrew is also an advocate for young adults trying to figure out their own careers. Currently, he is a cohort leader for the Schwab Internship Academy, and a co-ambassador between Schwab and the Austin Boys and Girls Club of America. He also sits as a board member on a local Austin nonprofit called Ladders for Leaders. 

The Internship Academy at Schwab is the largest talent pipeline we have to date. We hire around 300 folks every year from that program alone. The program makes it easier to stay at Schwab longer and enhances opportunities to be considered for promotion.

- Andrew V., Sr. Manager, Charles Schwab

When working with new interns, he encourages them to have an open attitude around collaboration at Schwab. "Collaboration is key to a successful career," says Andrew, "and the more you incorporate it, the more you'll get out of the company and everything that comes with it." 

Andrew, who will tell you he bleeds "Schwab Blue" when he's not bleeding orange during high-intensity interval workouts at Orangetheory Fitness, often considers the next group of people he wants to work with. 

"Schwab is the only home I've had in my career, and I don't see that slowing down," says Andrew. 

"There's a running joke about me among the Talent Acquisition team because I join a new team every two years out of sheer curiosity. The social aspect of having people from all types of backgrounds, doing the same thing, is something I enjoy in every part of my life." 

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