Rumi, my Schwab story

March 23, 2021
Rumi, who leads Compliance Solutions in Workplace Financial Services, says it is Schwab’s unique culture and strong leadership that reinforces his belief in the company.

Rumi K. is a bit of a Renaissance man.  His poet mother named him Rumi after the 12th-century Persian poet who bears the same name. He attended law school although he’s not a practicing lawyer, and he began playing the violin at the age of two with the Suzuki Method. 

“Music is important to me,” says Rumi.  “I have learned a lot through music and performing.  Facing fears, practicing, public speaking, working hard at something.  To keep me interested as a kid, my mom got me the scores to the Rocky film and Star Wars.  These days, I really enjoy composing music on the computer.  I’m also a bit of a tech nerd, so it combines my two of personal passions.”

His passion for music is something Rumi has also passed on to his three teenage children, who he and his wife are raising in the Chicagoland area.  Rumi too grew up in Chicago.  As a young adult, he spent a semester at the University of Paris in Sorbonne before earning his undergraduate degree in Global Studies from Ripon College in Wisconsin.  Rumi went on to earn a law degree from the University of Iowa before finding his start with the City of Chicago’s Corporation Counsel. His next move took him into financial services.


My first job in the industry was actually with the TDA precursor, TD Waterhouse.  I then went to optionsXpress where I worked in the compliance and legal departments and joined Schwab when that company was acquired back in 2011.

- Rumi K, Schwab employee

These days Rumi leads Compliance Solutions in Workplace Financial Services.  He says it is Schwab’s unique culture and strong leadership that only reinforce his belief in the company.

“I think Schwab is a great company,” says Rumi.  “My phone rang after the Black Professionals at Charles Schwab (BPACS) Community Listening Event that I spoke at recently.  When I picked it up there was a member of our executive leadership on the line calling asking to hear more about my perspective,” smiles Rumi.  “I’ve met this person maybe two times.  I was blown away that someone at that level would take the time to reach out and listen to what I had to say.”

Rumi is also an active member and leader in the firm’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).  “I am a member of the BPACS ERG and the local executive sponsor of GLOBE in Chicago,” which is focused on supporting our international employees and creating a community of belonging for global perspectives, says Rumi.  “I am very supportive of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and our ERGs in general.  I very much appreciate the firm’s commitment to our diverse clients and employees, our ERG leaders and the ERG members that volunteer their time to make these groups so successful.”

Photo caption: Rumi and family