New Schwabbie Danielle Munoz excited to bring USAA experiences to Schwab

July 16, 2020
Danielle Munoz, who joined Schwab in late May as part of its USAA acquisition, is excited to continue her passion of really putting the client first.

“My initial Schwab experience has been so amazing, it’s almost overwhelming,” says Danielle Munoz, who joined Schwab in late May as part of its USAA acquisition. “The way me, my team and the other new Schwabbies have been treated has been nothing short of incredible. I’m in complete awe of my onboarding experience here at Schwab.” 

Danielle joins Schwab after an impressive and lengthy tenure at USAA. She and her team, who are located around the country, are hard at work merging themselves and their clients into the Schwab culture. It’s been a unique experience for Danielle, who’s spent most of her career at USAA.

“I was at USAA for 25 years,” says Danielle. “And I was really drawn to the company because my father was a career Army man. He served our country at home and around the world for 24 years. USAA’s mission of serving others is something that runs very deep for me and I’m excited to continue that purpose here at Schwab.”

Danielle holds both a bachelors and master’s degree in business from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, and spent most of her childhood in the state of Texas. After graduation she worked in a credit union before transitioning to USAA.

“At USAA, I really had the chance to work my way up,” says Danielle. “I got licensed, became an advisor, then a wealth manager and I’ve worked in all parts and was a leader in various roles within financial planning and advice.”

Danielle brought her team, which creates the virtual branch network, from USAA to Schwab. The team’s primary responsibility is to build and maintain one-on-one relationships with their clients via phone and video. Danielle says she and her team have found that the cultures between USAA and Schwab share many similarities.


I’ve found Schwab and USAA have a lot of common ground when it comes to culture. The outstanding people and the deep values of Schwab have really stood out to me. I’m excited to continue my passion of really putting the client first.

- Danielle Munoz

Away from work, Danielle is a mom of two who loves spending time outdoors and working out – a combination of high-intensity interval, circuit and functional training. When Schwabbies return to offices, she’ll be located in Schwab’s newly acquired San Antonio facility leading the virtual branch network across several different locations.

“Perhaps the most outstanding thing to me thus far,” says Danielle, “is Schwab’s true investment in both the client and the employee. It’s a very balanced approach and I’d call it a world-class experience.”