Serving Communities: 'Nothing but a cycle of goodness'

February 22, 2024 David Bicha
See what Sam Staab, winner of Schwab's annual Outstanding Community Service Award, says gets her excited about being an ambassador for service.

Schwab's annual Outstanding Community Service Awards (OCSA) recognize individuals who demonstrate Schwab’s values and heritage as a company that is invested in the success of our communities. We checked in with Omaha's Samantha (Sam) Staab, one of the 2023 OCSA honorees, to find out what gets this self-described "do-gooder" excited about being an ambassador for service both at work and in the community.

Samantha Staab, Sr Manager, IT Product Management Lead, Charles Schwab

Samantha Staab, Sr Manager, IT Product Management Lead, Charles Schwab

What inspires you to volunteer, and what kind of impact are you trying make?

What initially inspired me to volunteer was using my Time to Volunteer benefit (Schwab provides employees 8 hours of paid time-off to volunteer each year with eligible nonprofits). I love seeing the tangible way my work is making a difference—especially on projects where I can measure my performance in pounds of food repackaged like at the Food Bank for Heartland, or number of diapers prepped for distribution at the Nebraska Diaper Bank. Both groups do such valuable work, and both allow me to get out my competitive side! Can put I together more meals than any other volunteers today? Can I package more diapers than I did last year?

I hope that my passion for helping others inspires more people to get involved to feel the same good vibes I get from volunteering; it's nothing but a cycle of goodness for all parties involved.

What do you personally get out of volunteering, both on your own and with Schwab colleagues?

I feel a real a sense of accomplishment, and it's honestly improved my mental health! I LOVE volunteering with other Schwabbies for things like networking and having fun, but I also don’t mind going it alone and registering for new and interesting projects.

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What is the most important part of the work you do as a community ambassador and volunteer project coordinator for Omaha?

Can I say all of it? Getting other people involved; being a name for people to reach out to about volunteer opportunities or nonprofit sponsorships, putting ideas into action; seeing not only my network grow, but seeing people take up their own passions for their favorite charities because of a successful experience! 

I’ve been SO EXCITED about the people who submitted a Schwab Community Ambassador application this year because I have seen them at so many events and am thrilled they found their own spark to want to get more involved.

Anything else you’d like to share about getting involved in community service?

I would challenge anyone to get familiar with the many opportunities available both locally and virtually. Schwab Volunteer Week is amazing, but we have opportunities to get involved year-round!