Prioritizing mental health

October 13, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Mari Detres shares her personal experience of loss and how she's navigated a very difficult time in her life.

While knowing everyone handles mental health differently, Mari found that openness and transparency with her colleagues and leaders was the approach that worked best for her. In return, she's been shown compassion and understanding, along with the space to prioritize her mental wellbeing.

Mari's story

Growing up in Venezuela, Mari’s family had to work together to make ends meet. This upbringing resulted in extremely close-knit relationships with her extended family. Tragically, between September of 2020 and January of 2022 Mari experienced four losses within that family.

“My whole world was turned upside down multiple times,” explains Mari.

Losing a family member is the worst possible news and it came at a time when Mari was working on some of the largest initiatives of her career. However, she found that her team was there again and again to support her.

While Mari found comfort and respite by digging into her work, she recalls moments where she had to step away, and times where her leaders repurposed meetings just to talk about how she was doing.


They understood my culture and trusted my grieving process fully and without judgment. It was this beautiful experience of humanity being prioritized, even when work was insane.

- Mari Detres, Charles Schwab

Since then, Mari has found solace in things settling down, and she is enjoying spending time with her husband (Esteban) and dog (Winnie), traveling, hiking, being with friends, and visiting family. However, she acknowledges that she’s still focused on prioritizing her mental health and taking the time and space she needs to do so.

“I want people to know that it’s okay to not be okay every day,” explains Mari. “I encourage others going through hard times to be vulnerable and let coworkers you trust know about the journey you’re going through. Remember that we are all human, and I found that people all the way up to the executive level were so understanding. I feel very grateful for that.”


Pictured above: Mari Detres with her grandfather, Elias Villalobos, on his first vacation (ever) to see the Grand Canyon. The trip was organized by Mari and her brother to say thank you for everything he did for them growing up. Elias passed away in January 2022.