Prioritizing military service at Schwab

August 22, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Learn why Andrea Hasaka values having a member of the military on her team, and how she supports him.

Andrea Hasaka, a leader with Schwab’s Wealth and Advice Solutions team, understands what it means to serve in the military. Her paternal grandfather served in WWII and her father enlisted in the U.S. Navy to serve in Vietnam, during which he achieved the rank of Lieutenant. So, it’s no surprise she’s doing all she can to support a member of her team that is currently serving in the Army Reserve.


I think that the choice to enlist, knowing you could get deployed and called upon to serve our country, is so honorable and brave and I want to be an ally and do my part to support that.

- Andrea Hasaka, Schwab Wealth and Advice Solutions

Andrea is certainly both an ally and supporter. In fact, she was recently awarded with the Patriot Award by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)—a Department of Defense organization that promotes cooperation and understanding between reserve members and their civilian employers. Nominated by Mark Owens, an Army Reservist and member of her team, the award recognizes Andrea for going above and beyond to support Mark as a citizen warrior. 

“The greatest thing about working with Andrea is that she makes it clear that my military service takes precedence,” explains Mark on why he nominated Andrea. And he adds that he’s had this experience with all leaders at Schwab. “When I’m away serving, that gets to be my focus without my mind also having to be on work.” 

Andrea recognizes that there are many benefits of having Mark on her team. She explains that anyone who agrees to serve our country prioritizes helping others, and Mark definitely brings this value. He also brings a commitment and focus that likely stems from his military training. 

“I’m humbled by Mark’s service; by anybody’s service,” explains Andrea. “It’s an honor to make the space for him to serve. But the part that really means the world to me is that my support means so much to him.” She admits that it was this fact that made her choke up when she accepted the award. 

Andrea also acknowledges that Schwab’s benefits and culture make it easy for her to support Mark. Schwab’s military leave policy allows Mark to take job protected leave for his military-related absences. And while away, Mark continues to receive 100% of his salary with no time limit, and all benefits continue to accrue at 100%. 

But even with the benefits, it’s the overarching culture of support that makes it all possible. In a recent letter to her team, Andrea explains, “I hope you know that you all personally contributed to this award. When Mark is called away you often take on responsibilities, are patient and understanding, and help in ways that make it easy for us to maintain momentum. I’m proud that we have corporate benefits that are supportive of the military; I’m prouder to be within an organization that rallies around our team members.” 

Andrea keeps the Patriot Award in her office. She’s developed a focus on mindfulness and seeing the award in the background of video calls gives her another reason to feel an overarching gratitude and appreciation for life.