Schwamily shares a summer at Schwab

July 14, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Can you say that three times fast? Learn more about what a Schwamily is and why Schwab is attracting multi-generations of talent.

Each summer Schwab hosts a talented pool of interns in hopes of helping them learn more about the company, its unique culture, and available careers in the financial industry.

This year, two of the interns are brother and sister. But what really deems this situation a “Schwamily” is that their father is also an employee.

It’s not out of the norm for children to want to follow in their parent’s footsteps—ending up in the same field due to knowledge and talents they inherited while growing up. But to have two children following their own unique education paths, separate from their father’s, still end up at the same company is unique.

We interviewed the group to learn more and find out what it is that resulted in them all working here. Was it a dare? A double dare? We had to know!

Meet the Reamses

Tod, an employee of 29 years in Income Solution Sales; his daughter, Kamryn, a rising senior at Colorado School of Mines and Data Analytics & Insights (DAI) intern; and his son Brendan, a rising senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and intern on the Corporate Accounting team.

Q: Why were you interested in applying?

Kamryn: Initially, I was interested in applying for this internship because of the positive experiences I’ve heard about from my father, specifically related to the culture, benefits, and work-life balance the company provides. I was also highly interested in a summer internship in data analytics, and knew Schwab was an excellent fit for my learning and development.

Brendan: Growing up and hearing about my father’s work helping clients prepare for their retirement goals is why I decided to major in Finance and Accounting, and ultimately, it’s what attracted me to this internship.

Q: How meaningful is the opportunity to intern for a company where your family works?

Brendan: It means a lot to work around my family. Getting to network with their teams and managers has made it feel like a community and has helped me understand how everyone works together to support each other’s goals.

Kamryn: The experience is more meaningful with my dad here; I feel more comfortable asking questions related to the company and getting my feet wet. Having my brother interning also makes the internship even more fun because we can relate to each other’s experiences this summer.

Q: How much of a role did you play in Kamryn and Brendan applying for internships?

Tod: I heard about the Intern Academy and knew Brendan and Kamryn had shown interest in Schwab in the past because of my positive experiences. I don’t deserve any credit for informing a couple of great candidates about fantastic opportunities; I just shared the information on the career site, and they did the rest!

Q: What is it like to know another family member is at the same company as you?

Tod: I am thrilled for them. I know that Brendan and Kamryn are in an excellent position to learn and maximize their potential. I hope they’ll remember each meeting, assignment, and Schwabbie as they continue on their career paths.