Linda, my Schwab story


July 6, 2021

By Melissa Brandon, Director, Communications

Words like commitment and loyalty might be used best to describe long-time Schwabbie Linda as she nears her 35-year anniversary with the firm. We recently had a chance to catch up with Linda and reflect on what those years have meant to her.

Linda then Linda now

Question: Linda, great to meet you. Congratulations on your upcoming 35th anniversary at Schwab. That’s impressive. Tell us about your career at Schwab?

Linda: Thank you! Yes, I’ve almost been here 35 years and I’ve always lived and worked in Chicago. I started at Schwab in 1981 as a switchboard operator. I’ve also worked in operations, client service, I think about every role that existed in the branch. I did leave the firm for several years. I currently work as a Relationship Manager in Advisor Services. It’s interesting that when I started, Advisor Services didn’t exist. But now I get to support the independent advisors who custody with Schwab, and make sure they have what they need to grow, compete, and succeed.

Question: I’m guessing just broadly a lot has changed since 1981 and that you’ve experienced quite a few things with the firm. Tell me about that from your perspective.

Linda:  It’s shocking when you think about it. I have been at Schwab through a lot of the big moments. The IPO. The stock market crash of 1987. The San Francisco earthquake. I think that what stands out is that Schwab has always been ahead of its time. We’ve always been a leader in our industry, and we have always been resilient as a firm.

Question: Why have you spent most of your career at Schwab?

Linda: I am a mom and have two grown, very successful kids. I saw Schwab as a great place to build a career that I could be proud of, and to provide for them as they grew. I was able to put them through college, thanks to Schwab. And I now have two granddaughters and hope to help with their educations. Over the years, I’ve seen many others at the firm work hard, advance, and achieve success. This is just one reason why I love this company and everything it stands for.

Question: What would you want others to know who are inspired by your career and tenure?

Linda: What’s special about Schwab is that we all work toward the same goal and that’s serving our clients – our goal is to see everything through our clients’ eyes. We can count on each other and know that we all share the same vision. We’ve helped to make investing more accessible and I think that is a truly noble mission. I’m proud of that work.