Schwab Anthropologist Connects Campus Recruiting to Diverse Talent for the Firm


September 17, 2020

“For me, culture is paramount,” remarks Amber S., from her temporary home office near Schwab’s Lone Tree, Colorado campus.  “I studied anthropology in college – which is an academic look at various cultures.  Here at Schwab, I view myself as an ethnographer – a student and researcher of the firm’s cultures and customs.”

One might not necessarily draw a line from the study of anthropology to the corporate talent attraction world, but that line is straighter than you might think - especially with a firm like Schwab where there’s a premium placed on maintaining a world-class culture for both clients and employees.

Interestingly, Amber’s career line from anthropology major to culture investigator is also unique.

“I came to Schwab through an acquisition about seven years ago,” remembers Amber. “It’s what moved me from my hometown of Chicago to the Denver area.  I come from the derivatives world. After my move to Colorado I had a chance to do what we call a ‘career building opportunity’ at Schwab – where I worked on another team to see if it was a good fit.  That experience led me to Talent Attraction where I have been able to really pursue my passion of connecting amazing people with our special and unique culture.  Schwab is about people and I get to advocate for our future talent each and every day.”

Amber’s work focuses on recruiting on college campuses, specifically Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) some of which Schwab is making significant financial commitments to as part of an ongoing effort to help identify and develop talent.  This summer, the Charles Schwab Foundation endowed a $3.5 million scholarship program to provide financial assistance and career opportunities to Black students with a declared major in Financial Planning at several universities around the country.  In addition to scholarship assistance, recipients will be invited to apply for and participate in an internship at Schwab which could help inspire a future career in Financial Planning.


“At Schwab we are focused on identifying and hiring diverse talent. Schwab is a firm that believes in equity and belonging. And it’s my role to make sure those values translate into the talent we identify, recruit, and hire.”

Amber S., Campus Program Manager at Schwab

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Amber’s work often takes her to college campuses to visit career fairs, make presentations, appear on panels or connect with diverse student groups, but the Covid-19 Pandemic has, like many other things, turned that work upside down.

“Schwab is leading the charge to switch our recruiting model from on-campus University events, to Schwab-hosted virtual events,” says Amber.  “We are focused on making sure students know who we are and that we are looking to hire top, diverse talent. For instance, Schwab’s campus recruiting team is hosting virtual panel events titled “What is it like to work at Schwab?” and will be hosted and led by diverse leaders across the company.  It’s exciting and unique work and it’s been a great opportunity to flip the recruiting script during the pandemic.”

Despite her obvious commitment and depth of knowledge, perhaps what stands out the most about Amber is that her passion for diversity is personal.

“I think the reason I wanted to work in campus recruiting and focus on diversity and inclusion is that although I have a true affinity for allyship, for me, I want to make a difference,” says Amber.  “I want to help make systemic change and help people of all kinds connect to my amazing employer, Charles Schwab.”