SPAN Celebrates Schwab Kids’ Day


September 24, 2020

Although these may be days where every day is ‘bring your kids to work day’ for many working parents, Schwab’s Parents Network (SPAN) wanted to celebrate and educate kids who are also balancing plenty as the pandemic continues. This summer, SPAN hosted a virtual Schwab Kids Day and ultimately connected more than 900 Schwab families with special kid-friendly boxes full of puzzles, art projects and financial literacy materials that created a lot of fun and smiles for kids and their parents around the country. And in the spirit of surprise and delight, 30 participant families were randomly selected as winners of a $25 gift card.

Let’s meet a few of our Schwab Kids Day participants:

Micah C. with daughters Bella (6) and Natasha (2) - Reston, VA

"As a working mom, I’ve always viewed Schwab as a great place to work. We all know that the pandemic has added extra pressures to parents across the nation and having two small children, this has been one of the most challenging times I’ve experienced as a parent. However, I’m grateful to work for a company that enables flexibility and promotes accountability. It’s moments like this where I feel valued not just as an employee, but as a whole person."

Josephine H. with daughters Ema (20), Celeste (18) Genevieve (12) - San Francisco, CA

"Schwab has always been supportive of me as a working parent.  I have been fortunate to work within a department that understands my first priority will always be my family.  The best way for me to stay engaged and productive at work is to allow me to be a mom.  There are no better words to describe how I feel about working for a company like this in times like that than grateful and blessed."

Julie L. with daughter Olivia (11) and sons Luke and Lance (7) - Plano, TX

"As a working parent I have always felt supported by Schwab, and I feel that support even more now, during the pandemic.  My leadership has given me flexibility, resources and support to help my family (my husband and children) navigate this uncertain time. "

Brandon T. with daughter Natalia (6) - Lone Tree, CO

"I am new to Schwab this summer and because my wife works in healthcare I am juggling working and caring for my young daughter at home during the pandemic.  Schwab has supported me from the start with the flexibility to manage my work while caring for my young child. I am very appreciative of the support."

Ken Z. with children Miles and Makenna (7) – Chicago, IL

"Schwab supports me as a working parent by fostering a culture that supports families. From sabbaticals to dependent care flexible savings accounts to access to Bright Horizons for backup care; the company provides the opportunity for working parents to thrive professionally. During the pandemic the company has been vocal about the safety of its employees and their families as a priority. It has provided me solace in these difficult times."