Upbeat music plays throughout.


An animation of an older, white-haired woman speaking.

WOMAN: Scammers and fraudsters are working 24/7 to rip us off, so we all need to be aware of ways to keep our assets safe. They think because we’re older we’re defenseless, but I’m here to tell them they’re wrong. Here’s one way we can protect ourselves.

A computer screen that says “Account Locked” appears. The woman is next to the screen.

WOMAN: Fraudsters try to trick you by sending phony pop-up messages telling you to call a number because something’s wrong with your device or account. If you call the scammers, they say they need remote access to your computer to check on the issue.

WOMAN: But once they’re in, your screen might go black.

The screen goes black. The woman appears, parts the black screen as if it were a curtain, and steps through it.

WOMAN: Behind that black screen they’re actually transferring funds out of your account.

A Schwab account screen appears, with a cursor moving toward the Account Transfer button.

The woman disconnects an electrical plug.

WOMAN: So when in doubt, pull the plug out.

Onscreen text: SchwabSafe™

WOMAN: The Schwab Security Guarantee can provide some additional protection, but it’s still up to you and me to keep our lifetime of assets safe from scammers.

Onscreen text:

WOMAN (offscreen): Learn more about online security and the Schwab Security Guarantee at

Onscreen text: [Schwab logo] Own your tomorrow®

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