Upbeat music plays throughout.


An animation of an older, white-haired woman speaking.

WOMAN: Scammers and fraudsters are constantly trying to take advantage of people like us. They must think we’re really gullible. That’s why it’s up to all of us to be the first line of defense to help protect our own assets.

An email appears that takes up the whole screen. It shows an underlined link.

The animated woman appears on the screen as if she’s inside the email.

WOMAN: You might get an email that looks urgent, or like it’s from a legitimate source. It’ll often have a link they hope we’ll click on. But look closely at the sender’s name, and hover over the link. There could be dead giveaways that it’s fake, like typos and errors.

The woman points to some of the typos in the body of the mail, then at the link.

WOMAN: If you click on the link, it might download a virus or malware into your computer to steal your info.

The woman grabs the link, looks at it disapprovingly, crumples it up, and tosses it in a trash can.

WOMAN (offscreen): So if you see typos in your email, trash it.

Onscreen text: SchwabSafe™

WOMAN: The Schwab Security Guarantee can provide some additional protection, but we’ve all got to be on our toes when we’re online.

Onscreen text:

WOMAN (offscreen): Learn more about online security and the Schwab Security Guarantee at

Onscreen text: [Schwab logo] Own your tomorrow®

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