Stories of the people and employee-led organizations that make up our community

The importance of mentorship, allyship and sponsorship

Shanelle Davis talks about her career as a woman in finance, and how empathetic allies and supportive mentors have been integral to her success.

Seeing blue at El Paso’s Rainbow Center

Volunteers lend a hand at a community center that believes in helping everyone.

Balancing Korean traditions in a western world

How Kevin Gordon navigated “cultural friction,” and why he says he’s found his dream job.

Food and family in Brooklyn

See how one proud stay-at-home mom and immigrant achieved her dream of owning a family restaurant.

Learning the value of money as a Cuban immigrant

Growing up in Communist Cuba, Monica had to start from zero when it came to learning finance in the United States.

Leading with empathy to improve digital accessibility

Designing digital experiences with all users in mind.

Taste of home

Bringing comfort and cultural familiarity to the office through family recipes.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it

Despite being born without hands or feet, Tony Volpentest was able to achieve his dream of becoming an elite runner.

Celebrating a life of visibility and authenticity

Matt Bungo tells his personal story of coming out and shares how the adoption of his son has given it a deeper meaning for him.

The power of resilience

Denisse Arambula has relied on the resilience that she developed as a Mexican immigrant to find what’s next for her in the United States.