Moneywise America expands Schwab’s financial literacy commitment to more teens across the country.  This new program is aimed at leveling the economic playing field through high-quality financial education for teens, with a focus on reaching youth in under-resourced communities and schools.


How to use these materials

Welcome to the Moneywise America Content Library, your source for financial literacy session materials and all the financial content specific guidance you need to teach the subject matter on hand. The content includes 22 standards-based individual personal finance sessions, each designed in a modular fashion to be responsive to the needs of host organizations and the teens they serve.    

Every session includes videos and learning activities focused on ensuring teen knowledge gain and the development of positive financial behaviors to carry with them for a lifetime. Together we can level the financial playing field for America’s teens. 

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Session Overviews

Module 1

  • Module 1

    The Basics

    All about budgeting saving and spending.

    Session 1.0: Set Money Goals

    Session 1.1: Budgeting (coming Fall 2021)

    Session 1.2: Spending (coming Fall 2021)

    Session 1.3: Saving (coming Fall 2021)

  • Module 2

    Money Management

    Teen boy in gold sweatshirt crossing his fingers

    All about paychecks, financial companies and services.

    Session 2.0: Manage Your Money

    Session 2.1: Paychecks (coming Winter 2021)

    Session 2.2: Financial Products (coming Winter 2021)

    Session 2.3: The Unexpected (coming Winter 2021)


  • Module 3

    Credit and Debt

    How to build good habits and avoid pitfalls.

    Session 3.0: Build Credit and Debt Skills

    Session 3.1: Types of Debt (coming 2022)

    Session 3.2: Responsible Credit (coming 2022)

    Session 3.3: Credit History (coming 2022)

    Session 3.4: Identity Protection (coming 2022)

  • Module 4

    College and Career Planning

    Teen boy with glasses giving thumbs up

    Intro to college, continuing education and career.

    Session 4.0: Plan for the Future

    Session 4.1: Career Path (coming 2022)

    Session 4.2: Education Costs (coming 2022)

  • Module 5


    How to maximize your money for the future.

    Session 5.0: Get Invested

    Session 5.1: Saving & Investing (coming 2022)

    Session 5.2: Power of Investing (coming 2022)

    Session 5.3: Investing Options (coming 2022)