Module 5

Investing: Maximize your money for the future

Session 5.0: Get Invested

Session 5.0: Get Invested

The purpose of this session is to broaden the definition and understanding of what it means to “invest in one’s future”. One important takeaway is that investing in your future means taking steps now by putting your savings to work as early as possible in life to help you achieve your goals later in life.

Video is utilized to show the teen characters flash forward to their future selves at a high school reunion discussing how the 7 Essential Financial Principles affected their outcomes. Participants will then outline the actions they will take to Invest In their own futures.

Review all materials in advance of delivering this session. 

Coming Q2 2022

Session 5.1: Saving & Investing

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce investing, outline the connections between personal/financial goals and investing, and help participants understand the difference between saving and investing. Participants will also learn how starting to save and invest while young can help build a retirement nest egg.

Coming Q2 2022

Session 5.2: Power of Investing

The purpose of this session is to explore the power of compound interest, with a focus on how  length of time, amount of money and rate of return affect potential outcomes over the years.

Coming Q2 2022

Session 5.3: Investing Options

The purpose of this session is to outline common investing options, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Participants will learn about key factors such as risk/return, diversification and time horizons, as well as how individual goals affect investing.