Module 1

The Basics: All about budgeting, saving and spending

Session 1.0

Session 1.0: Set Money Goals

The purpose of this session is to introduce participants to the foundation of financial literacy: setting goals and making a plan to reach them. This session includes two videos, the first of which describes how goals are achieved through planning, budgeting and saving. The second video outlines the 50/30/20 rule and the recommendation to "pay yourself first" through saving.

Review all materials in advance of delivering this session. 

Coming Fall 2021

Session 1.1: Budgeting

The purpose of this session is to help teens understand the components of a budget and how the development of a budget helps to achieve personal goals. 

Through videos, participants will see how the teen characters budget for goals, and they'll learn how to align their own goals with a budget. They will then select a medium, or long-term goal for themselves and create an accompanying financial budget to reach their personal goal.  

Coming Fall 2021

Session 1.2: Spending

The purpose of this session is to understand wants vs. needs and recognize the effects of consumerism and emotion on spending. Teens will analyze their spending in the context of achieving specific personal goals.

Coming Fall 2021

Session 1.3: Saving

The purpose of this session is to explore how to manage a budget to achieve savings using the 50/30/20 rule as a guideline.  Participants will create a budget that prioritizes saving using  goals, expenses, and income.