Module 4

College and Career Planning: College, post-secondary and career

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Session 4.0: Plan for the Future

Session 4.0: Plan for the Future

The purpose of this lesson is to help participants recognize the life-changing opportunities that post-secondary education can present.  Youth will understand that post-secondary career and educational choices are significant and can have a long-lasting financial impact on achieving future goals by affecting earning potential and debt.

Video is utilized to show the path from interests to education to career. Participants learn how to evaluate the cost/benefit of education options and about the financial resources to make them possible.

Review all materials in advance of delivering this session. 

Coming Q2 2022

Session 4.1: Career Path

The purpose of this session is to identify career interests and how they support personal goals.  By engaging in the “Road Trip to my Future”, participants will learn how to calculate the cost-benefit of post-secondary decisions, estimate income from a selected career and determine whether a career may justify post-secondary education expenses over time.  

Coming Q2 2022

Session 4.2: Education Costs

The purpose of this session is to outline financial elements associated with post-secondary education including costs, education savings, payment options and applying for aid.  

Participants will review the timeline for financial aid (including grants, scholarships and work study) and the financial implications of graduating from post-secondary education with debt.