Module 2

Money Management: All about paychecks, financial companies and services.

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Session 2.0: Manage Your Money

Session 2.0: Manage Your Money

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce participants to elements of money management: understanding a paycheck, knowing where to put money, and grasping the products/institutions that can safely store your money.

A video will present the teen characters meeting up after getting paid from their jobs and figuring out how to manage their money. Participants will also learn about financial institutions and products, as well as the most cost effective ways to access their hard earned money.

Review all materials in advance of delivering this session. 

Coming Winter 2021

Session 2.1: Paychecks

The purpose of this session is to explore paychecks in depth, including deductions, understanding the difference between gross and net pay, knowing how earnings are distributed and how to allocate earnings for saving towards goals.  Participants will “help” one of the teen characters evaluate a paycheck at 2 different points in time, against different sets of goals.

Coming Winter 2021

Session 2.2: Financial Products

The purpose of this session is to explore different types of financial institutions and products (includes checking, savings, debit cards, etc.) and their fees.  Participants will learn to comparison shop for financial products and become aware of issues 

Coming Winter 2021

Session 2.3: The Unexpected

The purpose of this session is to outline how to deal with financial risk through insurance. Participants will learn the difference between an emergency fund and insurance to deal with the unexpected and stay on track to meet their goals.